6 Weeks for Flat Abs

by Caroline

Tennis season has just started and although it means that I have 1.5 hour practices everyday, they aren't as intensive as my off-season practices and are shorter, accompanied with the loads of fatty food provided at matches, I usually gain an average of five pounds every spring/tennis season. This year, not only do I want to not gain weight, i want to be stronger and a better tennis player. Summer starts directly after the season ends anyway, so it would be nice to be bikini-ready by then.

So, for the next six weeks (and maybe on indefinitely, if it's not too painful) I will make myself do an intensive ab strengthening 'bootcamp.' This means, no junk at matches, no junk food, running more(this will be tough for me!), lunges/sit-ups/pushups/general ab work. Wish me luck, and strength to follow through!

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Nov 06, 2015
abs workout NEW
by: Cbuyas

Maybe I should also work on my abs coz it seems to be getting bigger.

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Nov 05, 2015
6 Weeks for Flat Abs NEW
by: Anonymous

Flat abs are not that difficult to obtain. One needs to follow strict diet and simple exercises as mentioned in assignment help online india to get good results. However, having flat abs and the exercises involved in between will make an individual fit and healthy.

Nov 30, 2014
Update? NEW
by: Hannah

Well, how did it go?

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