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F*REE Bodyweight Workouts For Training at Home, [The CPM] Issue #010
September 06, 2010
Issue #010 - September 2, 2010
F*R*E*E Bodyweight Workout Program For Training At Home

Hello again, and thank you for being a valued subscriber to The CPM ( Couch Potato Masher ) - Yes we changed our name. We've made it our new mission to mash people's inner couch potato's :) In this issue:

1. New Articles on The Website
2. Freebie - 4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program E-Book
3. Poll Results - How much weight do you want to lose?

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Stay Up To Date With The Latest Home Fitness Articles

Click on the links below to stay up to date with the latest articles on the website.

  1. The Secret Flat Tummy Exercises That Turned Shaye Into a TV Star!
  2. A Simple Upper Body Circuit To Build Phenomenal Strength
  3. Homemade Pull Up Bar: New Muscle Building Equipment In Under 1 Hour
  4. How The Best Ab Machine Won Tom's Heart...And Gave Him Carpet Burn!


FREEBIE! - 4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program E-Book

Craig Ballantyne is the author of the turbulence training program. He's released a free report which will help you lose body fat AT HOME. The report covers a 4 week bodyweight training program, which is perfectly suited for people who...

  • Want to lose weight but don't have equipment.
  • Want to get stronger but prefer to workout without weights.
  • Enjoys quick workouts (less than 45 mins)

If that sounds like your thing, then...

Click here to download the 4 week turbulence training bodyweight workout program


Poll results

Last month's poll was, "How much weight would you like to lose?"

Out of 174 votes we had...

  • 36.2% of people wanted to lose 25 -50lbs
  • 33.9% of people wanted to lose 10-25lbs
  • 18.4% of people wanted to lose 1-10lbs
  • 11.5% of people are perfectly happy with their weight

...sounds like a lot of weight needs shifting! So make sure you don't forget to grab your free copy of the bodyweight workouts.

Join in for this months poll. It's a simple question...

"How many times per week do you workout?" Answer at any page on our website...


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Wishing you the best of health, fitness and freedom!

Shaye and Tom
Copyright 2010 by Fitness Training At Home

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