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3 Simple Steps To Beat Exercise Laziness, [The CPM] Issue #012
November 03, 2010
Issue #012 - November 4, 2010
3 Simple Steps To Beat Laziness For Good!

In this issue:

1. New Articles on The Website
2. Poll Results - How many times per week do you workout?
3. 3 simple steps to beat laziness for good

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Stay Up To Date With The Latest Home Fitness Articles

Shaye and I are halfway through our 12 week challenges. Check out our progress pics and join in the action below...

  1. Shaye's mid-way pics for her sexy abs challenge. Join her and create your own abs challenge here...
  2. Tom's mid-way pics for his rock hard abs challenge. Join him and create your own abs challenge here...

There's also a few new articles this month...

  1. Want to Lose Tummy Fat? Here's A Way That Doesn't Involve Long Boring Runs...
  2. OOPS! This Ab Workout Routine Made My Friend GAIN 5 Pounds For Her Wedding!
  3. Butt Cellulite: Are Your Ashamed Of Yours?
  4. Want To Lose Abdominal Fat? See If You're Making This Mistake


Poll results

Last month's poll was, "What is the main thing which stops you working out?"

Out of 74 votes we had...

  • 48.7% - laziness (Read the article below to help with this)
  • 20.3% - lack of energy
  • 14.9% - not enough time
  • 8.1% - lack of knowledge
  • 5.4% - boredom

Join in for this months poll. It's a simple question...

"What Home Equipment Would You Most Like To Get?" Answer at any page on our website...


3 Simple Steps To Beat Laziness For Good!

Ever had trouble getting to sleep before? You're uncomfortable no matter what position you're in. You squirm like a worm, trying to find the perfect position. Your mind begins to race... work, bills, family, health!!! ARGH!

Well you've probably heard the standard advice for this problem...

You need to have a routine that puts your body in the mood for sleep. The sleep routine might be something like...

  • Brush your teeth, shower and get dressed for bed.
  • Make yourself a cup of herbal tea
  • Sit in your favorite chair, relax and read a book.

After a few weeks of doing this, your body begins to expect that sleep is coming. You'll find that you start getting drowsy even while the kettle is boiling.

I like to think of laziness in much the same way. The only reason you feel lazy is because you're not in the mood for exercise.

So if you can manage to create a routine, one that gets you amped up and ready to rock, then you won't have any problems with not being in the mood. Instead you'll feel like you want to get out there on a regular basis and make a positive difference to your body. Laziness becomes a non-issue!

Here's a routine that Shaye and I follow...


Step 1. Turn on the "boom boom"

Ever notice how pumping music just makes you feel like moving? Us too, that's why we use it to our advantage. We turn it on about 10 minutes before our workout and it helps set the mood. As soon as it starts we know that it's going to be a great workout.

We use an iPod and plug it into our stereo. That way we can setup playlists and listen to all the best music. It beats listening to the radio by ads!


Step 2. Sit down and look at the last workout

Since doing the truth about abs challenges, we've realised how incredibly important it is to track your workouts. It allows you to go back through them and see the big picture. You can instantly see...

  • How much progress you have made on a certain exercise.
  • How much further you have to go until your reach your goal.
  • What you need to aim for this workout

Every time we do this, it's like a trigger in our brains...they start to think..."I'm sure I could do better this time..." It gets you in the mood to beat your previous workout.


Step 3. Look through pictures of bodies you like

I feel inspired when I look at nice bodies. It makes me motivated to get out there and start lifting some weights. In fact, seeing a nice body is often the trigger that gets me into my gym.

Sometimes I look for pictures on the internet (you don't have to look far). It's good to recognise the effort those people put in... Then to get out there and do it too.


That's just a few things that work well for us. You can try these too or find something else that works well for you. Then, commit to "getting in the mood" everyday and see if that makes you feel like exercising. You might just find you can't stay out of your home gym!


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Wishing you the best of health, fitness and freedom!

Shaye and Tom
Copyright 2010 by Fitness Training At Home

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