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Fully Flexible Home Workouts -- The Home Fitness E-Zine, Issue #002
April 02, 2009

In this months edition of The Home Fitness E-Zine:

  • A special just for you...
  • Fantastic new exercises and workouts...
  • The best home exercise for the month of April...
  • The top fitness training tip for the month of April...
  • Future work to make home training easier than ever before...



The e-book release is drawing nearer. We've been working on some bonus material to throw into the mix as well. If you're someone who does a lot of their training at home, then you'll find this a valuable resource. You get complete flexibility with your workouts because you don't need any equipment at all. Getting fit and sexy can literally be done in those 5 minute gaps... while you're waiting for the kettle to boil or while the kids are distracted with something else.

We're expecting to release the e-book at the end of this month. Fingers crossed!

The e-book is going to cost $29.95 but for the first 2 weeks we're going to offer it to you at half price because you're a home fitness e-zine reader :) It'll be $14.95 for 2 weeks from the release date.


Here's a few of the latest additions to fitness training at home...

If you have a tip or recipe you would like to share with the rest of the FTAH community there are several different pages you can contribute to...



Every month we decide on our favorite exercise for getting fit at home with the trust that you will give it a try... OK? :-)

Our exercise for the month of April is:

Split Jumps

This exercise is one from our new e-book. Do as many of these as you can in a row and we guarantee you'll feel it the next day!


Our tip this month relates to a question we were asked

"After 3 months of gym and strict diet I have lost only one kg but almost 10 inches. Whats happening?"

Imagine you are in the same situation ( perhaps you are? ) If you've been looking at those scales every day hoping to see some progress then you're probably feeling very unsatisfied and demotivated... It's no fun when you're putting in the effort but not seeing any rewards.

But are you really not making progress? Ask yourself the question "Is my goal to lose weight or is it to lose FAT?!"

When you play the fat-loss game and use the weight measuring device, you're bound to get frustrated. It's like being in a car and trying to judge your speed by looking at your rev counter... It just doesn't work does it?

So what's a better way of doing it then? You could try focussing on the way you look in your clothes, but even that can be deceptive. Each of your outfits look different on you don't they... You need something more concrete.

You could try taking your clothing measurements... But still, it's not perfect. The growth of your muscles counteracts against the shrinkage of fat on your body.

What you really need is some way of measuring fat directly...

...Like fat calipers! They are the best and least expensive way of giving a reasonably accurate reading of the fat levels on your body. Suddenly it all becomes clear. You can see the relationship between your exercising and your FAT loss. You finally see the progress you were making all along and gosh it's motivating!

So to sum up our tip for this month. Don't put to much focus on the scales, the kg's, lb's or stones. Scales weigh muscle, fat, bones and even breakfast! Rather take into account how you fit into your clothes, your measurements and what % of body fat you have.


We're always looking for ways to make home fitness training easier for you so that you can get on with doing the important stuff...

Here's some of the work which is in the pipeline...

  • Video workouts so that you can play them at your computer and follow along...
  • iPod workouts so that you can do your workouts anywhere!

As always, if you have any thoughts about these we'd love to hear from you. In fact, if you have any ideas about how we can make home fitness training easier for you then we'd love to hear it.

You can tell us your ideas here...

You can send us any feedback on The Home Fitness E-Zine here...

Wishing you the best of health, fitness and freedom
Shaye and Tom

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