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Easily Double The Energy Of Your Home Workouts, [The CPM] Issue #011
October 05, 2010
Issue #011 - October 6, 2010
How To Double The Energy Of Your Workouts!

In this issue:

1. New Articles on The Website
2. Here's a simple way to double the energy of your workouts
3. Inspirational video - This guy is amazing!
3. Poll Results - How many times per week do you workout?

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Stay Up To Date With The Latest Home Fitness Articles

We love challenges, they're such a fun way to improve your health and fitness. That's why Shaye and I have set ourselves a 12 week challenge...

  1. Shaye's going to get her sexy abs back. Join her and create your own abs challenge here...
  2. Tom's going to get his rock hard abs back. Join him and create your own abs challenge here...

There's also 2 other articles that we've written this month...

  1. Tom share's his tyre workout, that's guaranteed to burn flubber (rubber)!
  2. Discover why Shaye thinks going to the gym is the worst way to get sexy, toned abs!


Here's a simple way to double the energy of your workouts

You've felt it before right? You walk into your workout room and your heart sinks. Everything seems grey and dreary. The thought of a workout right now makes you sick to your stomach. Lifting a dumbbell is the last thing you want to do!

Well next time this happens, know that there's a simple solution! Pick up the phone, call a friend and get them around for a super-intense workout!

Like a vampire, you can actually feed off their energy...without having to drink their blood! :)

Some of the best workouts I have ever done have been with friends. In fact, training with Shaye these last few weeks has been fantastic. Shaye has been intensely focussed on getting her sexy abs back and I've been pumping out some incredibly tough workouts for my rock hard abs challenge.

Our workouts are a non-stop flow. While Shaye does her set, I wait. As soon as she's finished, I pounce on the dumbbells and start my set. We move quickly between exercises and there's no mucking around. We can each tell that the other is focussed and working hard.

We also sometimes have our Kempo buddies around for workouts at our house too. It's so much fun because everyone pushes each other!...

Like when we do training on the kickbags...

One of us holds the bag and the other one has to give it everything they've got for 60 seconds. They throw punches, kicks, elbows and knee's. You can see the focus in their eyes, the sweat flicking off their body and the determination to carry on. And inevitably, when they start to tire and lose energy, everyone gives them a rev-up. They dig deeper and draw up their last reserves of energy to push forward that little bit extra.

There are few things more inspiring to watch, than someone giving it their everything. It makes you feel so pumped!

It's a fact of life, people feed off the energy of others. So why not use it to your advantage. Call up a friend and get stuck into a gut-ripping workout. You'll look and feel magnificent afterwards!


Inspirational video - Wow He's Strong!

Just thought I'd quickly share this video with you. I thought it was incredibly inspirational. It certainly opens some doors as to what type of training you can do with just a few simple bars...

View the video here.


Poll results

Last month's poll was, "How many times per week do you workout?"

Out of 115 votes we had...

  • 42.6% of people train 5+ days per week
  • 21.7% of people train 4 days per week
  • 14.8% of people train 3 days per week
  • 8.7% of people train 1 day per week
  • 7.8% of people train 2 days per week

Sounds like our readers are doing a lot of training. Keep up the great work!

Join in for this months poll. It's a simple question...

"What Is The Main Thing Which Stops You Working Out?" Answer at any page on our website...


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Wishing you the best of health, fitness and freedom!

Shaye and Tom
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