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How To Build Perfect Discipline, The Home Fitness E-Zine, Issue #008
July 02, 2010
Issue #008 - July 2, 2010
How to Build 100% Discipline

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  2. Fitness Tip - How To Get 100% Discipline
  3. Fitness Survey - Get Personalised Fitness Tuition
  4. Poll Results - What Is Your #1 Fitness Wish

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Latest Articles On The Website

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How To Become Disciplined And Stick To Your Program 100%

When you train at home, you're surrounded by distractions. Television, Kids, Spouses, Homework... oooh and what about food. You're only ever 10 seconds away from sinking your teeth into a mouthwatering morsel!

And when there's distractions around it's easy to put off your workouts til tomorrow.

The problem is, when you put off your workouts, they never get done. Life gets in the way and they get forgotten. And once you get into the habit of putting off your workouts, it becomes harder and harder to shift the fat. Your muscle tone disappears and you feel progressively worse about yourself.

Does that sound at all familiar? Is sticking to your program one of your biggest problems?

Well what if you had the discipline to say, "I'm going to do 4 workouts per week for the next 6 months" and know FOR SURE that you would do it.

What sort of effect would that have on your weight loss?

We'd say it's a done deal. There would be nothing stopping you!

But most people find that sort of committment difficult. They might make a bold claim like that, but then somewhere along the way, stuff happens. Excuses get made and they become a habit.

So how do you find this discipline within yourself?

Well first understand that discipline is like a muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger it gets.

If you often skip your workouts and make excuses then you probably have got really weak discipline. When you try to make a huge comittment like sticking to 5 days a week training for the next year, your discipline muscles just can't cope. You will probably fail.

If you are someone who does what they say they are going to do every time, no matter what. It's not even an issue about whether or not it will happen. Because it just will! You have got huge discipline muscles and you can do whatever you want!

Here's how to build discipline.

Similarly to building actual muscle, you should progressively increase the load on your discipline so it gets stronger over time.

So in the beginning, choose a simple task to do every day. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's easy to do. For example, you might do 10 pressups every morning. Quick and...somewhat beneficial.

For the next 30 days, make sure you do those pressups every morning.

Don't ever put it off until the next day. Don't say I'll do 20 tomorrow if I don't have to do 10 today.

What's important is that you stick to your 100% discipline and make it habit.

This conditions your mind to think "no is not an option".

Once you have completed that, your discipline muscles are a little bit stronger than they were the previous month.

For the next month, pick something that is a little bit more difficult.

And so on until you have completely ingrained the habit of thinking "no is not an option".

Now you may think that this takes a lot of effort. But think about how much effort is involved in making a comittment and then breaking it.

Think about how much you beat yourself up if you miss a workout. You think about it all day, and then you put it off and then you feel bad about putting it off and then you put it off some more and then you don't end up doing it and you beat yourself up some more and eventually you decide to give it up and all of that energy you put in was wasted from the start.

But when no isn't an option, you just do the task. It takes what 30 mins -1 hour. Whatever. That's how long it takes, but it takes a lot less energy than worrying and putting it off for the entire day.

Eventually you will be able to make massive committments to taking certain actions. You gain massive confidence knowing that you can achieve anything because you know you have control over your actions. You aren't thrown around by how you're feeling in the moment.


Give Us 3 Minutes And We'll Give You Personal Fitness Tuition

We've written e-books in the past that for some reason or another, didn't hit the right spot. People just weren't that interested in the content. And it's our own fault. We were trying to be "know-it-alls", just taking a stab at what you wanted to know. It turns out that approach doesn't work well...

So this time, we thought we'd ask you first.

If you'd like some personal help with your home fitness, fill out this survey.


Poll results

The results of our poll is out. See below...

What is your #1 fitness wish?

  • 27.9% of people want to lose weight
  • 12.9% of people want to get stronger
  • 16.4% of people want to bulk up
  • 38.6% of people want to tone up.

We also had a number of people who want to be able to do the splits.

We will use this information to cater to your needs better. Keep a eye out for our next months poll results :)



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Shaye and Tom
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