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Beautiful Butt Bonanza, The Home Fitness E-Zine, Issue #007
May 20, 2010
Issue #007 - May 21, 2010
Beautiful Butt Bonanza

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1. New Articles on The Website
2. Q & A with Tom and Shaye

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Latest Articles On The Website

We've been thinking about our bums a lot this month. Why? Because they are important...they are some of the best fat-burning muscles in your entire body and they are also a make-or-break factor when it comes to looking hot!

We've put together a list of what goes into a fantastic looking bum - and we'd love to hear your opinions too! You can do that below...

Shaye has also tried out a new product, called the can read her review below.

Check it out...

  1. What does the perfect bum look like? Tight and firm or big and bootyful... Share your own personal "nice bum" with others.
  2. Shaye has discovered a simple way to get a firm toned butt. Read about it here...
  3. Busy and don't have much time for exercise? Circuit training is perfect for packing lots of exercise into a short space of time.
  4. Learn how to build your own circuit training routines in 6 easy steps



Questions and Answers

Another excellent month of questions - keep em coming... Got a question you want answered? Follow this link and then enter your question into the form...

  1. How can I tone my arms and get rid of my chicken wings for good?
  2. How to fix rounded drooping shoulders? Easy! Get rid of that pesky tennis elbow
  3. Help, my chest is gone and I want to get it back!
  4. Will spinning classes at the gym make my legs bulk up?
  5. I know bursts of cardio are good for fat loss but how long should the intervals be?
  6. I don't have much time...should I do weights or cardio?



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Wishing you the best of health, fitness and freedom!

Shaye and Tom
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