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How To Lose Weight - With Losing Your Sanity, Home Fitness, Issue #009
July 30, 2010
Issue #009 - July 30, 2010
How to lose weight without losing your sanity!

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  2. Fitness Tip - How to lose weight without losing your sanity
  3. Have You Ever Wanted To Do The Splits?

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How to lose weight without losing your sanity

Judy is out having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend John. There are candles, fine wine and gentle music in the background. And then it happens. John gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. "Will you marry me" he says smiling handsomely. Judy is ecstatic "Yes I will" she screams throwing herself into his arms. But in the back of her mind she feels a little worried. Her wedding needs to be perfect...but she needs to lose 25lbs first.

Judy can approach her problem in 1 of 2 different ways.

  1. With a short term forward vision - Does she plan ahead only 1 month into the future?
  2. With a long term forward vision - Does she plan ahead a year or more into the future?

There is only a slight difference between the 2 approaches but they produce wildly different results. Which approach do you think will be more effective?

Option 1 - Short term forward vision

Time has passed by quickly. So quickly that before Judy realises it, she only has 1 month left to lose the weight for her wedding. And by this stage, she has got so much else on with the wedding plans it's going to be a struggle to make it.

Judy scours the internet looking for quick solutions to lose weight. She comes across a couple of websites promising her huge weight loss in a matter of days. No, they look too sketchy she decides. She continues searching and comes across an advertisement about diet pills.

Phentermine. 1 month supply $77.95 Expect to lose 25lbs in 1 month.

"Perfect!", she thinks, "that will give me just enough time to fit my dress". She pulled out her credit card, quickly ordered them and waited impatiently for her magic pills to arrive.

A couple of days later her little blue and white pills arrived. She took one right away and WOW! they made her feel amazing. So full of energy and so happy. And she didn't even feel hungry anymore, a few pieces of fruit was enough for her for the day.

She got up the next morning and weighed herself. Looking down at the scales she saw she'd already lost 2lbs. It was amazing! These pills were everything she had wanted and more...

Over the next few days, Judy had lost a total of 6lbs. She was really happy about the weight loss but the pills weren't without their downside.

They were giving her so much energy that she was finding it hard to sleep at night. She would lie awake for hours in her bed, never able to get comfortable.

After the second week, Judy had to stop the pills. She was becoming an emotional wreck. She would break down crying at the slightest thing. She was also getting heart palpitations, and she even began to see things that weren't really there.

The reason Judy felt like this is because the pills she bought were basically a watered down version of the drug speed. She was on a drug binge which if, she had continued with it, would have sent her ballistic.

Needless to say, Judy did not reach her weight loss goal and had to buy a new dress!

Option 2 - Long term forward vision

Judy realises she's got to start making changes now if she wants to move this weight. She goes online and gets a fitness program. Her program includes running, swimming and lifting some weights twice a week. It's hard work at first, but gradually she gets stronger.

The weight slowly begins to shift. By the end of the second week she has lost 3lbs. Nothing to get overly excited about but at least it's progress.

The next week Judy only loses 1lb and the following week none.

Judy is distraught. She's been so good. She's been following her program perfectly but the weight has stopped shifting. She's already got the perfect dress picked out and she sure as heck can't fit it right now.

But Judy is determined to strive ahead and she doubles her efforts. She adds another run and a weights session into her week. She also replaces her cafeteria lunches at work with homemade lunch. She eats fruit for snacks and has large salads with her dinner.

The next week her weight loss is 3lbs. Judy is happy again and her progress carries on slowly but steadily for the remaining months leading up to her wedding. Judy easily meets her goal and she looks great in her wedding dress.


It's amazing the difference in weight loss and emotional toll just by such a simple psychological shift. Which approach would you prefer to take?

Ever Wanted To Be Able To Do The Splits?

It would be kinda cool right...I mean, it's not just a way of keeping your body supple and free. It's also a super-impressive party trick. Imagine busting that out on the dance floor!

One of the most common responses we got from our survey (Thank you so much for taking the time to fill it out) was that people want to know how to do the splits.

So here's a plan - Let us know if you like it or not...

Shaye has been able to do the splits for a long time...she was a spring board diver and so it was an important part of her sport.

But Tom, on the other hand, has never really needed that much flexibility. He's never really put in any dedicated effort to achieving the splits.

If you are interested, we'll get Shaye to teach Tom how to do the splits and document the entire process. We haven't given it any deep thought yet but as a rough outline it would contain...

  1. Step by step plan that Tom used to achieve the splits.
  2. A unique trick to boost your probably haven't heard of this before.
  3. The stretching routines Tom used to achieve the splits including easy to understand instructions.
  4. Progress photographs so you can see how long it takes.
  5. Anything else you tell us you want in it...
Since this e-book requires a fair amount of effort on Tom's part, we'll have to charge for it. We'll package it up as a pdf and it will be for sale on our website. Not sure of the price yet, we'll decide that in future.

If you think that this product would be helpful to you, please let us know by either replying to this email, or contacting us here...

If it's not something you're interested in, that's cool too. In that case, we'd love you to leave us some more feedback. That way we can help you get more from your home fitness. Fill out the survey here...


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Wishing you the best of health, fitness and freedom!

Shaye and Tom
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