A little at a time...

I really thought that I would never lose weight. I am not overweight, but I wanted to shed a few pounds and feel better for me! I made a commitment to myself and started to balance my diet and I stopped taking my car to work or out to the store.

At first I lost a little weight, felt better and was able to keep on track with positive reinforcement from friends and family!

Then...I plateaued... and for weeks saw no change. It was awful! I got frustrated and the walking started getting repetitious and boring. But my friends and family encouraged me to keep it up, so I continued with a balanced diet and exercise, no matter how much I want to sit down and eat cookies.

I just about hit my breaking point about a week ago. Nothing had changed and I was ready to give up. My sister encouraged me to just keep going, one more day, and then weight myself again.

Well, I am still going with the diet and exercise and I have lost over 10 lbs! It just seemed to fall off me suddenly. So here is my advice. Even if you feel like your body isn’t changing and your motivation is waning, keep going for one more day. Then one more day. Then one more. Your body needs time to adjust and if you just keep going, you will get there!

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