Frustrated Bride-to-be Gains 5 Pounds After I Suggested This Ab Workout Routine...

Sarah had been begging me for ages to come round and teach her an ab workout routine. My partner (Tom) and her man had been working out at their house for months... And she wanted to be in on the party.

ab workout routineThrow into the mix that she had recently graduated from girlfriend to Fiancé... She was more motivated than ever to get into shape!

Her wedding was less than 6 months away and she wanted to get rid of her fat tummy.

Sarah wanted abs for her honeymoon!

So, I went around to her house and I taught her my favorite ab workout routine. I thought I gave her the basic info she needed to get results...



6 months later at her wedding, she had actually gained 5 pounds.

Luckily her husband is a wonderful guy and made her feel beautiful on the special day so it wasn't a train smash.


What I Learnt From This: Don't Waste Your Time Doing The Same Old Boring Ab Workout Routine... It Wont Work!

2 months later I asked Sarah why the ab workout routine I had given her didn't work. I was so confused... The workout contained some of the best exercises I knew - where had I gone wrong?

Sarah shrugged, I could see it upset her that she didn't get in shape for her big day. But gradually she began to open up.

"I got so damn bored of doing the same ab workout routine... Every day."

"I didn't know if I was improving or doing it right...."

"I felt as though I was wasting my time."

I can't deny that I felt a tinge of guilt hearing her confessions. After all, I'd suggested that workout...

I realized then that I'd left out a whole lot of other important stuff...

One workout simply isn't enough to keep somebody motivated. You need a full abdominal workout plan... One that keeps changing and keeps things interesting. One that tracks your progress and results. One that makes you feel confident that you're going places and you're gonna get that bikini body!

One workout is all I'd given Sarah. I had failed her big time!


Wedding Bells Again...

fat tummy wedding
My cousins lovley size 10 dress!


So, when my cousin came to me a few months back and asked me what abs program she should be doing to prepare for her big day... I put a lot of thought into what I should recommend.

I decided that the best program for her would be the Truth About Abs Program. I'd recently started on it and was loving it.

I was 99% sure she would be the same.

She emailed me in excitement the other day saying that she could now fit - with a bit of a squeeze - into her size 10 wedding dress.

She has 5 months to go and she's 100% confident that she'll get there.




What Did I Learn From This?

I used to think I knew all the tricks to a flat tummy. But, from this experience - I learnt a thing or two more...

  • You need a program that helps you track your progress so that you know you're getting closer to your goals

  • Variety is the spice of life - doing just one ab workout routine over and over again won't work - you'll get bored!

  • High Intensity Resistance Training (like the exercises in the truth about abs program) is TOPS for losing belly fat

At the moment I'm taking part in an exciting challenge. I want to be not 99% but 100% sure next time I recommend a program. So I'm testing the Truth About Abs Program and sharing my results with everyone.

I'm hoping to get my sexy abs back in time for summer...

To see my Truth About Abs 12 week challenge, click here.



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