Abdominal Workouts That'll Give You A Beach Bod You're Proud Of!

These abdominal workouts are quick and powerful. They won't take up hours of your day... And can be done in the comfort of your own home or backyard.

Do these ab workouts frequently and you will see impressive results. When summer comes along there will be no stopping you. Can you imagine it? Strolling along the beach in your swim suit - knowing that you look fantastic!

These abdominal workouts are packed full of benefits...


They're free - we're not trying to strip you of your hard earned cash.


We have a variety of ab workouts to suit people of all different abilities. There will be workouts here that are perfect for you.

And Thirdly...

The exercises are explained thoroughly with picture diagrams so that you always know whats going on...

Discover what a good ab workout routine should contain...

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important note about fitness workouts

Mix it up a little! It's important to keep your workouts varied - so give all the workouts on this page a go. Keeping it fresh is the key to success!



What You Will Need For Your Ab Workout Plans

Luckily - for most of our abdominal workouts you will just need you! Although, occassionally you may require a few bits and bobs. We've listed them below:

  • A yoga mat will really come in handy. Especially if you're working out on a hard floor. If you're outside on the grass you may be able to get away with just a towel.
  • A few of our workouts also use dumbells. A good type are the bowflex selecttech dumbbells. But... we only recommend bowflex if your really committed to your workouts. Looking for a quick and cheap alternative? Check out our home made milk dumbottles. They also do a great job.
  • If you're really keen get into it... You should try make an ab-bench machine. The best ab exercise ever is perfomed on this machine! We use it in some of our advanced workouts.
  • The last thing you'll need, is to set out an ab exercise program. Get a calendar and write out which workouts you are going to do each day. Then... stick to it!



Where and When Can These Ab Workouts Be Done?

Well... At home of course! These exercises are awesome because they don't use expensive machinery.

We love doing our fitness training at home - and we believe it is the key to a long and healthy life :)


abdominal workouts before and after

Just an idea... Why don't you take a before photo now? Then in a few months time after you've been doing these workouts for a while, take the after photo... Here are mine!


We hope that you enjoy the workouts - let us know how you get on!


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