Anaerobic Exercise - The Secret to a Great Body

Yes it's true. Anaerobic exercise will help you to achieve the body of your dreams. It's a high intensity form of exercise that can produce results fast. It's great for gaining muscle and losing fat. Now that’s something we all like to hear!

If you decide that this type of exercise is your thing - it's definitely our thing - then add it into your home workout program.


Some questions that we will answer in this article:


Health Benefits of Anaerobic Training


It raises your metabolic rate for around 18 hours after working out. This means you burn that fat much faster. Excellent!


Anaerobic training builds up your stores of quickly expendable energy. This means you have energy for urgent tasks that need to be done.


Anaerobic training strengthens and tones your body.


If you want a big buff bod then anaerobic exercise can help you get there.


People who do anaerobic training live longer.


You are also less likely to suffer fatigue from everyday chores. This may not seem like a big issue now, but it's good to be prepared for when you're older.


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What is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercise is the type of exercise that makes your muscles burn! The anaerobic energy system kicks in when your exercise intensity is high.

There are a couple of ways of getting into this hugely beneficial zone:

  • You can be training aerobically and then increase intensity to boost yourself into the anaerobic zone. For example, when you run at a steady maintainable rate and periodically do sprints. This is called interval training and is really great for weight loss.
  • The other way of doing anaerobic exercise is to just do the anaerobic part. For example - Sprint training/lifting weights/press ups. Any sort of exercise that you can't keep up is anaerobic exercise.


anaerobic exercises


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What is That Burning Feeling?

No, it's not the curry you had for dinner last night. There's actually something amazing going on inside your muscles. There's chemical reactions going on in there.

The first chemical reaction is the ATP-PC system. You don’t really need to know what that means. Just know it lasts for a very small amount of time, and can produce huge amounts of energy. The next reaction is the lactic acid system. This can last for up to a few minutes in some athletes. It produces lactic acid as a byproduct and that's what gives you the burn.

In time you will learn to love the burn! The more you love the burn, the more you will get out of your anaerobic training. It means that you're working hard and you will see results.


Why Should I do This Stuff?

Anaerobic training is great! Do you do any sort of sports? Most sports require this energy system at some stage. Even long distance runners would use their anaerobic system for a close finish.

Anaerobic exercise is vital for being able to do important, high intensity work.

For example: Lets say your kid runs onto the road. You need to be able to get to them quickly. The ATP-PC system is perfect for this. You can dash onto the road and rescue your child in no time. Another less dramatic example would be lifting furniture into a van.

Doing anaerobic exercise frequently increases the amount of muscle mass you have. Muscles need enery to survive. This means that by developing your muscle mass you are able to consume more without gaining body fat. Who's saying no to that!?


Where is The Best Place to do This?

You guessed it. Right in the comfort of your own home...You can be lifting weights and watching your favourite T.V. program at the same time.

Some of the best anaerobic exercises look incredibly bizarre. Most people would feel totally nuts by doing these at a gym or in public! This is why they're great to add into your fitness training at home program.

There is heaps of equipment you can use at home for anaerobic training. There are also things you can do at home that you wouldn't be able to do at the gym because of lack of space.

Why don't you have a look at some of our home-made equipment.


Is Anaerobic Exercise Only Good for Body Builders?

This question is very easy to answer.....NO! We believe that everyone can experience the benefits anaerobic exercise has to offer. You may not want to do it as often or as intensly as a body builder but it's still gotta be good for you.

Anaerobic exercises are good for people of all ages. Your parents, and even your kids. It will help you kids perform well in sports and life in general. A lot of kids are doing anaerobic stuff anyway. They play games and are generally energetic and active….We can learn a lot from them in our quest to become more youthful.


How Often Should I do This?

Anaerobic exercise should be done in different quantities depending on how fast you would like to develop. Obviously, you would like to improve as quickly as possible, but there are some things to take into consideration:

  • How much time you have to exercise.
  • What stage you are at with your fitness.
  • Commitments to children, family and friends.
  • Your goals and ambitions.


Here is a table of useful guidelines to see how often you should do this type of exercise.


Do you want a sexy set of 6 pack abs?

Shaye and I are doing a 12 week abs challenge. It involves lots of anaerobic exercise and it's having an amazin effect. If you'd like to see our progress and perhaps join us click on the links below...

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