How The Best Ab Machine Won My Heart...And Gave Me Carpet Burn!

"It's the best ab machine we've ever tried" my friends told me.

I didn't believe them. How could a stupid looking wheel beat all those "scientifically designed" ab exercise machines. There's just no way!

My friend's changed their tone, taunting me...

"I bet you won't even finish 1 rep."

"Try it! Or are you too chicken? Brrrrk, brrrk, brrrrrrrrrrk"...

Me, chicken? Never! I pumped up my chest, and strode confidently towards the puny little wheel lying on the carpet.

I planted my feet firmly on the ground. Grabbed the handle with both hands. Leaned forward and...

Fell flat on my face!

Roars of laughter erupted from around me. I stood up, red with embarrassment, and tried again.

Crash! Again, face to floor...more laughter!

It took another 6 failed attempts, another 6 carpet burns and another 6 bruises to my ego, before I finally admitted defeat.

Since our first introduction, the ab wheel and I have grown to like each other.

I'm strong enough to use it properly now and I believe that, as an ab machine, it's unmatched at building 6 pack abs. The intensity of the exercises is sky high - one of the key ingredients of building muscle quickly.

My friends were right. The ab wheel really does deserve the title of "best ab machine". Even if it IS almost impossible to use on your first go...

Well I think so anyway...

But, if you think you can do better, pick up your own ab wheel from on the left. Hint: Try it on a soft surface first!

Or if you have tried another crazy gizmo which you think deserves the title, let us know below.


Think You've Discovered The Best Ab Machine?

Carpet burn. Tummy on fire. Abs too sore to get out of bed - These are all side effects of ab machines that work. Tell us how you discovered your favorite abdominal fitness machine.

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