Build Muscle Without Weights And Save Yourself Some Cash

Knowing how to build muscle without weights is a fantastic skill. It could potentially save you thousands of dollars and it will definitely save you time. You'll also be able to keep your body in excellent shape no matter where life's journey takes you.

Learning how to exercise like this takes a bit of effort, research and imagination. But it's effort well spent. You'll benefit from it for the rest of your life. And so will your wallet...

You may already know, buying a set of dumbbell weights can be highly expensive. Don't get us wrong, they are a fantastic investment. But, they're really just used to simplify the process of working out. A convenience item. When it truly comes down to it, they aren't a total necessity!

"What is required then?"

Good question, glad you asked. Let's talk about...


Muscle Building Basics

There are many different things to consider when building muscle mass...

And to a degree, all that stuff is important.

But when you think about it, there is something even more fundamental to muscle-building. Without it you wouldn't even build an ounce of brawn. That's right, you guessed it...

You need to WORK and OVERLOAD your muscles PROGRESSIVELY

That means going past your previous limits. Stretching your boundaries. Pushing the envelope.

That's why people like using the bowflex dumbbells. They allow you to scale up or down depending on how strong you are at the time. As your muscles get stronger, you can increase the resistance and progressively overload your muscles with the turn of a dial.

The bowflex dumbbells make muscle toning exercises easy because you don't even have to think. But to push your limits and build muscle without weights you'll need to put in some extra effort. You'll need to learn some body-weight exercises...


Body-Weight Exercises Help You Build Muscle Without Weights

Body-weight exercises have been around for thousands of years. Heck, it's what humans were designed to do. Human bodies build sculpted and strong muscles when used correctly.

There are many different body-weight exercises available for you to try and learn. For example:

  • You can do pressups to build up your chest and arm muscles.
  • You can do a pull up workout to build your upper body and core.
  • Stomach crunches are the most fundamental muscle toning exercises for your core, using no weights at all.


Killer Twists

We thought you would enjoy this exercise - It's called killer twists. It's ideal for helping you build muscle without weights. You should aim to do 4 sets of 15 on each leg.

To do these safely, make sure your knee doesn't go past the front of your toe during the squat. This stops you from damaging your knees.


  1. Stand with your legs wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Put your hands down by your toes, as shown in picture 1.
  3. Explosively lift your hands up high to the other side of your body. To do this, drive your right heel into the ground.
  4. Once your hands reach the top, as shown in picture 2, lower back down to the start position.
  5. Repeat x 15.
  6. Swap sides.


bicep exercises pullupsbicep exercises pullups



These are just the tip of the iceberg though. To effectively build muscle on all area's of your body you need to know a lot of different exercises. They must be difficult enough to progressively overload your muscles. When one exercise stops giving you "The Burn" you need to move on to a more advanced one.

The benefits of learning body-weight exercises are immense. Being able to workout whenever, wherever means that you can build muscle anywhere, anytime. This means you get tonnes of flexibility with your workouts which saves you time and money.


Wishing you fitness, health and happiness!
Tom and Shaye


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