How You Can Start Building Upper Body Strength Today

My focus for the next 12 weeks is going to be building upper body strength. I'm going to train 3 days per week using heavy weights to strengthen my arms, upper back, shoulders chest and abs.

If building strong arms and ripped upper back muscles is something you're interested in then continue reading below. You can join me and start making positive changes to your body today!


Why I'm doing this challenge and why you should too

Recently I have been unable to exercise because of arthritis in my knee. I have been inactive for so long that...

  • My body is shrinking - I have lost a whopping 10kgs of mostly muscle.
  • My strength is disappearing
  • I'm getting aches and pains - my lower back is sore.
  • I feel unhealthy inside.

Check out the difference between my legs

toms sore knee before he started building upper body strength challenge

But now, I have decided to do something about it. If I can't use my leg then I'm going to focus on building upper body strength instead. I may as well make the most of the situation don't you think?

Now you may not be injured like I am, but you can still benefit from this challenge. If you follow along with the workouts I'm doing, you will...

  • Look better physically - you'll build bigger arms, shoulders, abs and back!
  • Learn some fundamentals behind building muscle - which you can apply to any area of your body.
  • Increase the rate you burn fat - This will help you lose chest fat, abdominal fat or wherever else you store it.
  • Increase your strength - picking up boulders will be easy :)


My before pics and measurements

I have taken a check of my current condition below. In 12 weeks time when I look back, it will be interesting to see how far I've come.

Here is what I look like at 29th September 2011

Tom before he started building upper body strength

Tom before he started building upper body strength

Tom before he started building upper body strength

And here are some stats for interests sake.

  • Right arm - 300mm
  • Left arm - 297mm
  • Chest - 933mm
  • Weight - 69kg

Since my focus is building upper body strength I will also make updates about how much stronger I am getting. I will measure that by how much I improve on my exercises.


How long is the challenge?

As I've already mentioned, my challenge is 12 weeks long. I think this is a good amount of time. It will allow me to make some fairly good gains.

If you saw my rock hard abs challenge you'll see that I made some big changes to my body in 12 weeks.

Also, I'm hoping to be able to use my leg again properly by then. And then I can participate in some real weight training (ie: squats, lunges etc.)


What are the workouts like?

The workouts I'm using come from Sean Nalywanyj's truth about muscle building program.

They are built based upon the principles of intensity and progression. Basically this means that I will be doing heavy compound exercises and making sure - by tracking my workouts - that I improve over time.

To keep with all of the guidelines in the truth about building muscle I am using one of Seans modified programs. He has written up some programs for people with various injuries.

I have had to use the one with only upper body exercises at the moment because my leg is too sore to do anything else.

If my leg improves before then I will definitely consider adding some lower body exercises because I know how important these are for overall muscle growth in your body.

I will share some of the workouts I'm doing with you as I go through the challenge.


How you can start building upper body strength today

Start today by taking some action towards your challenge. Something small to start building momentum. You could...

  • Draw up a program
  • Ask your friend to join you in the challenge
  • Go out and buy yourself some weights
  • Take the before pics and take your measurements

Just do something today that will help you build a strong upper body.


Follow the rest of my upper body challenge here

These are coming soon...



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