5 Easy Calf Stretches Which You Can Do At Home

These calf stretches are easy to do at home. They're quick to learn and you don't need any equipment.

You can add them into your regular stretching routine or just use them when you feel the need, like after doing some calf exercises for example.

Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fascitis can be caused by tight calf muscles. These are painful injuries which are common in runners. 1 thing you can do to prevent/cure these injuries is to stretch out your calf muscles. It will relieve tension and reduce pain.


Check Out The Easy, Home Calf Stretches Here...


2x Downward Dog Stretches

Downward dog is one of the best leg stretches you can do. It not only stretches your calf muscles, it stretches your hamstrings and glutes too.

  1. Get into the downward dog position as shown below.
  2. Lower your heels towards the ground as much as you can.
  3. Increase the distance between your feet and your hands if your heels easily touch the ground.
  4. For a deeper stretch, lift one leg off the floor and place it on top of the other - just like in the second photograph...Then swap and repeat.



Sitting Stretch


  1. Get into the position shown below.
  2. Pull back on your toes until you can feel a good stretch in your calves.



Step Stretch

Here's a calf muscle stretch which you can do almost anywhere. All you need is a ledge or step. Or if you have stairs at home you can do them there. Shaye walks up the stairs stretching alternate calves as she goes up.

  1. Stand with the front of your foot on the step.
  2. Lower your heel until you feel a nice stretch in your calves.
  3. Hold onto something for balance.




Wall Stretch

This is a common stretch that runners use for their calves. This one targets the gastrocnemius muscle.

  1. Put your back foot about 3 feet away from the wall - more if you're flexible already.
  2. Step your other foot somewhere in between the wall and your back foot.
  3. Lean forward into the wall keeping your back leg straight.



Squat Stretch

This is also a common runners stretch. This one targets the Soleus muscle though.

  1. Get into the position shown.
  2. Put most of your weight onto your back leg.
  3. You should feel a stretch deep into your calf muscle.





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