See How Easily You Can Burn Mountains of Fat With Cardio Interval Training

tyre sprints for cardio interval trainingCardio interval training workouts burn way more energy than traditional cardio!

When I do traditional cardio - like a 45 minute road run - I might get a little bit tired and a little bit thirsty...but mostly, I just get bored!

But when I do cardio interval training - 20 minutes of sprints dragging a tyre up my driveway - It's a completely different story...

I huff and I puff, my muscles scream for relief and sometimes I even feel quite faint!

I'm much more fatigued than from traditional cardio, despite spending less than half the amount of time doing it.

And over the next few days, I feel like I could eat a horse!

Mmmm horsey goodness!

According to Mike Geary (truth about abs author), there is overwhelming evidence supporting cardio interval training as a way to burn massive quantities of fat.

The theory goes that traditional cardio burns more calories while you're exercising...BUT!...

Over the days following cardio interval training you burn mountains more!

You see, cardio interval training is "traumatic" to your muscles. It damages them on a microscopic level and they require repairs to make them stronger again. This repair work uses energy and ends up burning far more calories than if you just mildly stress your body.

It also promotes muscle growth, one of the key factors for losing fat!

As you can imagine, this is an important part of both mine and Shaye's abs challenges. It helps us burn huge amounts of energy to reveal the abs beneath the fat.


How You Can Do Cardio Interval Training And Lose Fat Too!

tyre sprints for cardio interval trainingYou may have seen the sprinting workouts that I have done before on my driveway. But these hill sprints with a tyre take it to the next level.

In these, I sprint right to the top of my driveway. A full 100m up a steep incline with a tyre dragging behind me.

A sprint to the top takes about 30s, by which time I feel like a broken man.

On the way down the driveway I take my time. I need this time just to regain confidence before taking on the hill again. It takes me about 1 min 30 seconds to get to the bottom.

One complete set takes 2 minutes. So in 20 minutes I can finish 10 sprints.

I either do 10 minutes of this after my workout or 20 minutes as a workout all by itself.

So if you're after a leaner body and some sexy, toned muscles, why not give this a shot! All you need is a tyre and a hill. Simple!

And if you'd like to get abs, (and would like some support) you can join Shaye and me in our ab challenges...

Either click to join Shayes sexy abs challenge

Or click here to join my rock hard abs challenge.

We'd love to have you on board! :)



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