Circuit Training Routines For Fast Fat Loss - In 6 Easy Steps

Circuit training routines are absolute dynamite for fat loss! They keep your heart pounding, your fat melting and you muscles screaming for relief... all in about 20 minutes flat.

But - just like dynamite - you need to prepare properly or else things won't go according to plan. So here are 6 steps to help you build circuit training routines that explode your fat-loss!


Step 1 - Pick 8-14 Multi-Joint Exercises

What are multi-joint exercises? Just like how they sound...exercises which move multiple joints at once. Here are some examples:

Squats, lunges, burpee's, twists, bent over fly's, 1 legged squats, handstand pressups, donkey kicks etc...

We use multi-joint exercises because:

  • They use more energy for every repetition. Which means you can squeeze more fat-burning-power out of your circuit training routines.
  • They are more natural ways of moving. They strengthen your whole body and keep you injury free.

So pick between 8-14 multi-joint exercises and watch the fat fall off you.


Step 2 - Alternate Between Different Muscle Groups

Picture this: You're on the third round of your circuit. You have just completed a killer set of lunges. Your legs are screaming in agony. There's no way you could do even 1 more rep. You check your circuit plan and see that squats are up next...SQUATS!

No way, your legs would buckle under the pressure. You need a rest! You aren't super(wo)man after all.

Circuit training routines are powerful - not because they transform you into a painful, quivering mass on the floor of your living room - but because they make clever use of your time.

Instead of resting your legs because you can't possibly move another inch - you rest your legs because you're exercising another body part.

It's the smartest way to train for both fat loss and mental wellbeing.

Smart circuit training routines alternate between body this...

  1. Swiss ball pressups (Chest / Triceps / Core)
  2. Bent over flys (Back)
  3. Squat & Shoulder press ( Legs / Butt / Shoulders )
  4. Chainsaws (Upper back / Biceps)
  5. Lunges (Legs / Butt )
  6. Swiss ball bench press (Chest / Triceps / Core)
  7. Pull ups (Lats / Biceps)
  8. Romanian deadlifts ( Lower back / Hamstrings / Butt )


Step 3 - Decide On Your Reps & Rounds

2 - 4 rounds is usually a good amount. But it will depend on your time constraints and how many exercises are in each circuit.

There are 2 options for how many reps you do...

  1. Either have a set number, like 15 reps for each exercise.
  2. Or use a time limit. See below...


Step 4 - Set A Time Limit And Force Yourself To Move

Sometimes I take a sneaky rest before the end of my set when my muscles are too tired to continue.

I know...Naughty Tom. No resting. This is a circuit training routine!

But sometimes your muscles can't do any more. In which case, a 30 second move-ahead policy is helpful. It keeps you moving, stops those rests and keeps your heart rate pumping.


Step 5 - Use rest stations for increased performance

NOBODY can just keep going at full intensity all the time. So plan accordingly!

Use 'rest stations' in your circuit to psych yourself up for the next set. And when it comes time to move on...

...hit that circuit with gusto!


Step 6 - Use quick-change weights

Imagine a circuit training routine containing Dumbbell squats (Heavy weight) & Bent over fly's (Light weight). With most dumbbell sets you would have to change over weight's in between each exercise. A serious time-waster!

The solution: Use modern-day, innovative fitness equipment like the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells These babies are an entire set of dumbbells in one. You just dial up the weight you want and move onto the next exercise without breaking your rhythm.


Creating your own circuit training routines could be your ticket to explosive fat loss. They are super-effective and super-fun. So get building!

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