Want Weight Loss And Strengthening? - Try Circuit Training At Home!

Circuit training is a fun and productive way to do your fitness training at home. It is a perfect companion to your weight loss and strengthening efforts. It's also very handy for situations where you want to cover a lot of exercises but you don't have much time.


What is circuit training?

circuit training diagramIt's a special type of workout which involves picking a number of exercises, and stringing them together into a loop.

For example, lets say you pick 8 exercises. Each exercise is assigned to a station, numbered 1-8.

You start at station 1 and complete a set of that exercise. You then move onto the next station and so on. There is no rest time while swapping from station to station. The idea is to keep moving all the time.

When you reach station 8, you start back at station 1 again. That is counted as one complete circuit.

Typically, you'd complete 3 or more circuits, which is the equivalent of 24 sets of exercises back to back.

That's a fairly large amount of exercise to do without having a rest, which is why circuit training is so beneficial. It has many advantages over traditional workouts which go something like this...

...1st set, wait, 2nd set, wait, 3rd set, wait, next exercise 1st set, wait...

...There's a lot of waiting involved.


What are the benefits of circuit training?

  • It's an absolute godsend for weight-loss. (More on this below)
  • Helps you build muscle! - Whether you train for bulk or toning is up to you to decide.
  • Saves you time by eliminating rest periods.
  • Eliminates the need for seperate cardio and resistance exercises.
  • It's downright fun!
  • It's great for doing at home with a partner. You can chase your partner around the circuit, helping them to keep focussed and moving.


Circuit training for weight loss? You betcha!

In fact, circuits and weight loss are a hand and glove fit. Here's why...

For optimum weight loss, your home fitness training should include a mixture of the following.

  1. Weight training, for building that valuable calorie consuming muscle.
  2. Aerobic exercise, for pumping that heart and burning energy directly.
  3. High intensity interval training, or in other words, alternating periods of high to low intensity.

Well it just so happens that training with circuits is a great way to meet all 3 of those requirements!

  1. You're building muscle using weights or similar resistance exercises.
  2. You don't stop moving, which keeps your heart rate up.
  3. You're constantly switching between different intensity levels as you change from exercise to exercise.


Learn to build your own routines

Click here to learn how to build your own rapid-fat-burning circuits at home!



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