Core Stability: Why its so important (and how to achieve it!)

Strong and stable abs, also known as core stability, is a must in life, that's why there are SO MANY different ab exercises, machines, ab exercise class etc.  Pilates, yoga, and many more all shout out how important ab stability is, and here's why…..

-  Your abs are also nicknamed your "core" for a reason.  Because it is the core of your body, the things that holds it all together and upright.  If you didn't have abs, you would be a dangly noodle!!  Your abs are connected to your shoulders, pelvis and spine and are the foundation of all arm and leg movements. So in short, your abs are important to move!!!
- Abs are your basis for great posture.  Bad posture results in so many niggles aches and pains, and who wants that.  Strong abs…. strong happy bodies!

-  Weak abs, or abs that are not working correctly, (can be due to a variety of reasons, instability, pelvis issues, etc) mess up your bodies natural functional movement.  If your abs are not doing what they should and being the "base" of your movements, you body starts 'stealing' strength and stability from other parts of your body, such as your back and neck.  This leads to lots of pain and problems with peoples movements, so strong stable abs that are functioning as they should means less injuries, yahoo for that!!

-  Ab exercises are not the most important and vital exercises for gaining a six pack (see my article on flat tummies, six packs and more).

-  Strong ab muscles are a huge must for many sports.  A strong core is going to greatly contribute to stronger overall sporting movements and increased power.

-  Having abs helps you to lose weight- why, because running is one of my FAVOURITE prescriptions for weight loss, and a strong core is vital for maximized running performance.  The more running, the more weight loss!!!!

How do we get these all important strong and stable abs?

How do we get these all important strong and stable abs? 

Well I have described a few exercises below that are great for activating the deep core muscles and stabilizing muscles.  Whenever you do anything that requires you to balance, your abs are the things that 'turn on' and keep you better balanced.  So exercises that require balance are going to target and increase your ab stability.

Swiss ball

•    Leg lowers (ball between feet/knees) x 15
•    Plank hold – elbows on ball – 1 minute

•    Sit ups on ball x 20
•    Roll away, elbows on ball x 15
•    Reverse plank hold x 30 seconds (increase as you can)
•    Wood chopper x 15 each side