Everything You Need to Know
About Core Training

Core training is often neglected because people don’t know how to go about it. A lot of people think sit-ups are the only option. This is definitely not true.

Our aim is to show you that:

  • Training your midsection can be fun!
  • There are a large variety of exercises to train your core.
  • There's no need to go to the gym for this type of training.
  • There are many benefits of core training.
  • Anybody can have a sexy stomach - If they really want it.



Health Benefits of Core Training


The muscles in your core provide you with core strength.


Stops lower back pain by supporting your spine.


Improves posture by strengthening your supporting muscles.


Minimizes general fatigue by making everyday chores easier.


Improves sports performance by ensuring the effective use of all muscles around your body. Your core muscles are needed to transfer power from your lower to upper body.


Say Hello to Your Core Muscles

Your abs take up a large area of your core. In fact a lot of people think your abs are your core. But... there's a whole other side to it. It's called your back! Here are the main muscles that make up your core.

Looking for something to work all of your core in one sitting? Either do this free ab workout routine. Or do this killer ab workout. They both work wonders!

core muscles


Why Should I Train My Core?

Are you conscious of your podgy tummy or protruding sides? Chances are, if you’re the average Joe, you are. Getting a nice tummy is hard work. The health benefits, confidence and sex appeal that comes with it make it all worthwhile!

Core training improves your strength and makes you look and feel better about yourself. When you do core training, your body releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. There are so many reason for training your core. So... why don't you give it a go, keep it up for a few months and we swear you'll notice a difference.


Getting a Flat Stomach - Where Do I Start?

The two main elements of your mid section that we're concerned about are muscles and fat.

Fat is that annoying layer that is found on top of your muscles. It does a really good job of hiding all your hard work. You could think of the fat as if it were a puffy blanket lying over a nice firm bed. The firm interior is hidden by the puffy exterior.

So, if you want to get rid of that "puffy blanket" you're gonna have to lose some fat. No abdominal exercise on its own will get rid of the fat on your stomach. Don’t panic. We can help!

Check out these pages

Read more about the program Tom used to make this change in 12 weeks

rock hard abs


Crunches are one of the most well known beginner abdominal exercises. Learn how to do them safely here.



important exercise tip

If it is simply a flat tummy and slim back that you are after, you only need to worry about the fat loss. But if you want those alluring ab muscles and that toned back, you will need to lose fat, and develop your core muscle groups.

Read this if you want to learn more on how to get a sexy six pack.




Where Should I do Core Training?

Your home is the perfect place to do core training. This is because it can be done within a pretty small area. Your home provides lots of "equipment" so that you can keep your workouts varied.

In our exercise pages, we help you out with some really cool home made exercise equipment. It includes our home made ab bench. The exercises which you do on that bench work wonders. We find that they work so quickly and only take about 10 minutes. Check it our here, it's the best abdominal exercise on earth. Once you get this exercise sussed out you'll be building abdominal muscle like there's no tomorrow.


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