Creating Yourself

I have a keychain that says "life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself".

This of course has mostly internal implications, but coming up with who I want to be obviously involves feeling good about my body. And with diet and exercise you really can shape yourself. Tone, build, and slim until you look the way you want to. There really is an exercise or dieting strategy for almost every physical goal.

For example, I don't have particularly large breasts, but by building some pectoral muscle and gently toning my muscles and arms I have been able to look far more busty than would seem possible from a b-cup.

This philosophy is actually a great theme for life, especially if you start using it physically. Your body is almost entirely determined by what you make it. It is under your power.

Once you get your body the way you want it, other things seem more possible for you, to yourself and to others. Someone thin and fit just seems like they have their life together more than a chubby person.

When you control your body, more doors open up to you and more things seem possible. And no matter how long it takes you or how many different approaches you try before finding the right one, it is completely possible for everyone to do.

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