Delightfully Delicious Healthy Smoothie

by Lisa
(Cairns, Australia)

Yum - I love all things chocolate!

Yum - I love all things chocolate!

Okay, well some people might laugh at this recipe - but I don't care! I LOVE it! It's like my daily treat which seems naughty, but actually isn't bad at all. *This chocolate smoothie is actually healthy* I know that it's got cocoa in it, but cocoa is actually good for your health. It's extremely high in antioxidants and all that sorta stuff. The only reason chocolate is bad for you is cos it's normally got heaps and heaps of added fat and refined sugar.

SO - Enjoy this without feeling guilty people - I DO - hehe!


1. About 8 Ice cubes
2. 2-4 heaped teaspoons of cocoa
(depending how strong you like it - I go for strong!!)
3. 2-4 Teaspoons of honey (Or as much as you want)
4. Enough milk (Light - if you are on a diet)
5.About 100-150ml of natural vanilla yoghurt (check that there isn't like 100 added chemicals and preservatives to make sure it keeps the healthy theme!)

Okay - Now you pop it into a blender - I use a magic bullet - which really is magic (and is cool cos the little cup in the picture is what I blend it in - so no yucky mess - I just drink/eat it straight from there) It might resist blending at the start, but shake the machine around a little and rearrange the ice if you have to. Even add a little more milk or yogurt.


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Feb 25, 2008
Yum but...!
by: Tina

This is yum! I know it's healthy but I still felt quilty eating it!!! :S Maybe I'm just paranoid! You could always add low fat yogurt to keep it really low in calories. The ice is a good way of bulking it up though.

Thanks for the easy smoothie recipe - I'll add it into my book :-)

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