Dreams are good for your mind...and body!

So, as an art student I have a quite creative mind full of all kinds of dreams and fruits of imagination.

While I try to pour most of these things into the paper in front of me, I also use it for fuel.

That's right - imagine yourself how you want to be. Let your imagination flow in the direction of a healthy, energetic lifestyle. Want flat abs? Imagine yourself with sexy, flat abs. Want a great butt? Add that to the image! And remember - a trim and fit body is possible, not just an unreachable dream - you just gotta work for it!

Obviously your imagination isn't enough; you'll need a lot of willpower, some time in your schedule (that's the hard part for me - dang time consuming homework) and the ability to keep up with your dreams instead of abandoning them the moment you realize it will take time. But imagination sure does help!

I started my more healthy lifestyle from scratch. Obese, lazy, constantly tired and depressed, that's what I was.

While I still have a lot of work to do, I have been improving both physically and mentally.

The important things to remember is that you must not overdo it, nor can you expect too great things from a twenty minute walk in the neighborhood once a week.

I did a mistake once, started my exercising too roughly in a rush of adrenaline when I had no experience whatsoever in training yet. That landed me on a three week sick leave from work and I couldn't walk properly thanks to immense pains.

Watch out for the adrenaline kicks of happy - while nice, they can be quite devastating!

I've learned from that now, and won't repeat the mistake. I let my imagination flow, and do all I can, and what my body will allow, to gain that dream and the results I want. Your creativity can be used for other things than just art or your job!

Go ahead, feel free to imagine and dream - then make it reality!

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