Exercises For Abs: Find Out Why These Gave Lisa A Sexy 6 Pack - But Didn't Work For Me...

These exercises for abs are Lisa's secret weapon. Ever since we did springboard diving together as teenagers - she's been using them.

When her wedding was coming up... She did these 4 times a week for a few months before... and... She got her abs back. It seemed that they gave Lisa a sexy tummy with very little effort.

So, what are these magic exercises of Lisas?....


Pike Up's

This is one of the best exercises for abs that you could do! It develops your abdominal muscles so that when your body fat gets low enough, your abs will be there... waiting to show through!

P.S. Make sure you read to the end of the page to see why this exercise won't work for everyone...

  1. Lie on your mat as shown in picture 1.
  2. Put your hands above your head and your legs out straight.
  3. Lift your hands and feet and balance on your bum.
  4. In a rapid movement, bend in half, and touch your feet with your hands.
  5. Return to the start position.
  6. Repeat.

6 pack abs6 pack abs


If pike ups give Lisa flat abs fast, they'd do it for me too... Right?


When I was younger pike up's would give me perfect abs in no time... But, as I got older and reached 23, 24, 25... Sexy abs got harder and harder to come by!

Not even my trusted pike ups were giving me results...


sexy abs
After 4 weeks on the Truth
About Abs Program

Because as I got older I put on weight... Simple as that!

By no means was I fat...

I just had a little too much belly fat to have my abs show through.

Lisa on the other hand is as skinny as a bean... So any exercises for abs give her visible results right away.

So, What's the remedy for us girls and guys with a little more padding?

Well... That's simple too. You need to do exercises that:

a) Develop your abs and
b) Help you to lose body fat.



Just like the ones in the Truth About Abs Program. I've been doing this program for 6 weeks so far... and have had better results than I've seen in years.

To see my before and after pictures and read my review of the Truth About Abs Program, click here.





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