Exercising With Major Depression

by Marni
(Ontario, Canada)

Just me

Just me

Hello everyone,

One of my main purposes in life is not only to be in great shape and really take the time to be with my loved ones, but it is also to reduce the stigma of being a woman with a major mental illness.

But in the latter, one must start small. I cannot tell you how much getting outside everyday, walking/jogging, challenging my major muscles and strengthening my core has made a difference in my life.

It's not just the fact that exercise is proven to alleviate depression, it is also because to exercise correctly we must use both our bodies and our BRAINS.

People who get better results are ones who focus on the muscle groups they are targeting. They also are remembering to breathe correctly, and not to compensate with other muscles. They maintain the correct posture throughout the exercise and know to stop when their posture is slipping. When I work out it becomes a meditation of sorts. I am scanning my body throughout each exercise, making the appropriate adjustments, and creating images that will help me even more effectively focus on the exercises.

For example, if I am working on my obliques, often I'll twist and really focus on seeing my muscles as a mop or dish rag being squeezed out.
The images we create make for a more specific and targeted work-out.

As for my depression, I can't make it go away magically. I manage it in other ways beyond exercising as well. But for me, to have that physical and mental focus day to day makes for a happier hour or two amidst that day. And if I can live in the moment for that amount of time, than I have made my life more manageable.

Thanks for reading. Best of luck to everyone.
x Strong Sister

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