Expected Results For Fitness Training At Home

by Jenny


Hi Shaye,

I'm guessing the before/after photos are of you - how long did it take you from before to after? How much were you exercising each day, each week?

I'm 5'2" and 155 pounds - I purchased yours and Tom's book yesterday and plan to get started right away, but was curious as to when I would start seeing some of the fat come off and how long per day & per week I needed to work out. I didn't want to overdo it...

I'm 38 years of age, too, by the way.



Hi there Jenny,

Thanks for your question :)

The before and after photos on the Workout. Whenever. Wherever. e-book are actually not of me - they are of my sister, Ashleigh.

About a year ago she broke up with her partner and was feeling awful about herself. She decided it was time to get fit and tone up. She had never done any fitness before so didnt have the vaguest idea where to start.

She used the exercises in our e-book (about 1 hour 4 times per week) for 5 months to get from the before to the after. She also changed her eating plan and started adding a lot more fruit and vegetables into her diet. The combination of these two things worked wonders for her. She was especially happy with her reduced cellulite.

If you think she's sexy in the after photo on the website - you should see her now... She has continued exercising and is now an absolute stunner!

These guidelines will give you an idea of how much exercise to do.

  1. Full body workouts - 3 times per week minimum with 24-48 hours rest between each session.

  2. Workouts which focus on one area of the body - This allows you to do more as long as you alternate between body parts from session to session. eg: Upper body, lower body, core...You may be able to do up to 5 sessions a week like this.

Just keep an eye on your body though. Your body will give you signs if you train too much. ie:

  • Extreme muscle soreness the day after training.

  • A gradual increase in muscle soreness from one training session to the next

  • An unexplained decrease in your physical performance

  • Inability to finish a training session that you'd normally be able to finish

Remember to add lots of raw fruit and vegetables into your diet - this will help you lose body fat and even reduce cellulite.

Good luck with your exercise plan. Starting is the hardest part - once you get into a routine it will be easy.

Keep us updated with your progress!

Kind Regards,

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Expected Results For Fitness Training At Home NEW
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Jan 03, 2010
30 minutes of exercise a day is an EXCELLENT start!
by: Shaye

Hi there Jenny!

My sister is only 20 - so you need to take that into consideration. Our ages play a big part in the amount that we are able to exercise - especially when first getting into it.

Also, my sister is quite a slow exerciser and her hour a day could equate to 30 minutes for somebody who goes harder. It's all about learning how to listen to your body... as long as you feel your muscles working and being pushed each time you exercise - you know you will be making improvements...

You say that you can feel it the next day... That's great! It means that you are not going easy on yourself ;)

A tip is to make sure that you keep increasing your intensity as you get stronger... It will ensure that you keep progressing. This along with eating a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables will work wonders. It's what we do.

I'm glad that you prefer our exercises to using an eliptical, treadmill or bike... We definitely prefer them - they are much more natural.

Please keep us updated with your progress - we love keeping in touch with people such as yourself!

Keep up the hard work :)


Jan 02, 2010
by: Jenny

Thank you for answering my email. Sorry I missed that the image was of your sister - I clicked on the link and saw the description (I had only seen the images in the book before). What age was she when she did an hour a day? Have mercy - I must REALLY be out if shape - 30 minutes about kills me and the following day - ouch! I'm working on it, though! I created a spreadsheet with all the exercises and record my progress each day. I can feel it, so I know it's working. It's more than I feel on an elliptical, treadmill, or bike for sure! Very grateful for your site and book! :-) Take care and Happy New Year!

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