21 Year Old Girl Loses Her Fat Tummy Without Going For a Single Run...

Ashleigh used to have a fat tummy... She really wanted to get rid of it... but she hated long boring cardio training... and she hated dieting.

Whenever we were at the beach she'd cover up... Embarrassed of the puppy fat which she had never managed to lose.

Then, her boyfriend did the dirty... And, they split up.

fat tummy
Ash, showing off her beach body abs!

Now we all know the best way to get back at an ex is to get really, smokin hot! So...

Ash decided to lose her fat tummy and tone up her entire body.

She bought a sexy red bikini and made it her summer goal.

Ash asked for my advice... I told her the key to losing her fat tummy was not:

  • Long boring runs
  • Hours upon hours in the gym
  • Crazy diet shakes to replace meals...

She needed to do high intensity resistance training to burn abdominal fat.

Ash made it into her little red bikini that summer... She looked amazing!



Who else wants to lose their fat tummy and feel comfortable in their skin?

You do? Great! I'll teach you how...

As you learnt from Ashleighs story... Cardio and fad diets aren't a good way to lose belly fat. If you're serious about transforming your body you'll need to do high intensity resistance training...

What is high intensity resistance training (H.I.R.T)?

H.I.R.T is training with heavy weights that push your muscles to the limits. It's a quick but intense form of exercising for people who want to get results.

Why is it better than cardio?

H.I.R.T is better than cardio because it builds fat burning muscle and speeds up your metabolism for 2 days! Compare that to cardio which only speeds up your metabloism for 2 hours! Hmmm... It doesn't take a brain surgeon to decide which is better for fat loss!

And girls, don't waste your time worrying that doing resistance training will make your muscles bulky... This simply won't happen unless you're pumping the steroids!


3 TOP exercises for beating the bulge...

Incorporate 2 sets of each of these exercises into your fat loss workout. Use a weight heavy enough to make your last repetition feel almost impossible.

2 Hand Dumbbell Swings

This is the perfect fat tummy blasting exercise... By the end of them you're wobbling like jello! Use a weight that only just allows you to make 25 repetitions.

Make sure that your knees don't move past your toes in the squat.

  1. Grab your dumbbell
  2. Hold it up in the air as shown in image 1
  3. Squat and swing the dumbell down between your legs at the same time
  4. Without pausing, swing back to the top and repeat.


inner thigh squeezesinner thigh squeezes

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Dumbbell Lunge Jumps

Dumbbell lunge jumps are amazing for toning your fat burning glute muscles... This will not only make your butt look fantastic, but it'll help you lose abdominal fat too!

Make sure you knee doesn't move in front of your toes.

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and get into the lunge position.
  2. Pushing off your front leg, leap into the air
  3. Whilst airborn, switch legs and land in a lunge position on the opposite side
  4. Repeat


inner thigh squeezesinner thigh squeezesinner thigh squeezes

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Dumbbell Squats

This exercise zones in on the biggest muscle groups in your body - your butt and thighs. This is good news because the bigger the muscle group, the more fat they'll burn off your tummy!

Make sure you knee doesn't move in front of your toes.

  1. Grab yourself a nice heavy weight... One that challenges you
  2. Stand up straight a shown in picture one.
  3. Bend your knees and lower into a deep squat, as shown in picture 2.
  4. Make sure your back stays straight.
  5. You can move the weights slightly forward to help you balance.
  6. Raise back up tot he start position.
  7. Repeat 10-12 times.


inner thigh squeezesinner thigh squeezes

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My 12 Week Abs Challenge!

Over the past year, Tom and I have been travelling the world and living the good life (a little too much!) My abs have softened and all those thai curries are beginning to show...

So, over the next 12 weeks I'm doing a truth about abs challenge to get me looking sexier than ever. It's based on all the principles of fat tummy blasting that I believe in... and I'm confident I'll look great by the end of it...

Want to see these fat tummy blasting principles in action? You can follow my progress photo's here...



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