See How Easily You Can Change Your Body With These Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are one of the best ways to make changes in your body. You can set your mind to one goal and focus on it until you achieve it.

For example, these are some photographs of me before and after my abs challenge. I made these changes in my body by doing a few hours of exercise per week.

see the changes tom made after doing a fitness challenge for 12 weeks

If these changes only took me 12 weeks, imagine what you could do to your body in 1 or 2 years. All it takes is committing to the challenge and making small changes to your body day after day.


Our past fitness challenges

Below are some of the challenges that Shaye and I have completed on You can use them in 2 ways...

  1. Follow along and copy the challenge yourself.
  2. Get inspiration from them and create your own challenges

Building upper body strength - Tom hasn't been able to move much lately because of arthritis in his knee. Instead he is focussing on his arms, upper back, shoulders and abs. Check out his progress

Toms rock hard abs challenge - In this challenge Tom uses the truth about abs program to make massive changes to his body. You can see the before and after pics on the challenge page.

Shayes sexy abs challenge - In this challenge Shaye also uses the truth about abs program. Her goal was to flatten her tummy and


Fitness challenges are fun and invigorating. Once you've comitted to them you'll feel like a million bucks. You'll feel even better once you achieve your goal at the end of it all.



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