3 Free Resources For Improving The Way You Train

Free Resource #1 - 5 Intense 10 Minute Workouts

shaye and tom teach you fitness training

  • Contains 5 different workouts, each targetting a different area of your body. This ensures you develop full body fitness.
  • Finish your workouts in 10 minutes guaranteed. This allows you more time for work or play.
  • If you're looking for a longer workout with extreme body benefits, just string 2 or more workouts together!
  • The workouts are great for all fitness levels.
  • The exercises require little to no equipment so you can easily do them at home.
  • The e-Workouts come in pdf format for easy storage or printing.


Free Resource #2 - Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets For A Lean Body - By Personal Trainer Mike Geary

In the e-book you'll learn...training and nutrition - insider secrets for a lean body

  • A new method of training that blows cardio out of the water when it comes to fat-loss.
  • How to smash through plateau's by manipulating your training variables
  • The ultimate exercise for weight loss and muscle building
  • Unique ideas for how to make your training more interesting
  • The truth about dietary fats. Hint: It's probably the opposite of what you were taught.
  • The top fitness foods to stock your cabinets with
  • How to make healthier choices when eating fast-food
  • And much more...


Free Resource #3 - The Home Fitness Training E-Zine

shaye and tom teach you fitness training

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  • Tips and articles by top fitness experts, helping you get the most out of your home fitness training.
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