Our Top 7 Home Fitness Training Tips

These 7 fitness training tips will help you get the most out of your home workouts. As you already know, doing your fitness training at home is a lot different to training at the gym. You need to be more disciplined and knowledgeable to make it work. It's just like owning your own business.

  • You are in charge...
  • You call the shots...
  • You are solely responsible for putting in the hard work...

Yes it can be difficult at times but the added freedom and success makes it all worthwhile. You can have the body of your dreams! It's purely your decision whether or not to get out there and make it happen.

So without further dilly-dally, here are our top 7 home fitness training tips...


1. Set Goals

This is the most important tool for home fitness training. If you only master one of these 7 fitness training tips, make it this one. You'll be astounded by what you can achieve just by knowing what you want. The clearer you can see your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. It's just the way the world works...

So write down clear, believable, time-bounded, measurable goals.

eg: "I will lose 2% body fat by the 31st June 2009"

And then commit to achieving them.


2. Measure and Record Your Progress

In the last tip we said to write down measurable goals. This basically means you need to find a way of gauging your progress. Including a number in your goal statement is a great way of doing this. It naturally makes your goal measurable.

In the example above we used the number 2 for the percentage of body fat to lose. See how adding this number forced us to find something to measure.

Here's some other things you could measure:

  • Number of repetitions
  • Height jumped
  • Weight lifted
  • Body weight
  • Time held.
  • etc.

Measuring your progress is important because it allows you to make corrections to your workouts. Continuing with the example above, lets say you've been walking to try and knock off some of that body fat. After a few weeks of doing this, you measure your body fat and see that it has gone up.

"AHHHHHH what's wrong?! I must be destined to be fat! I quit!!"

Hey relax, this is excellent news! At this point you're a whole lot better off than you were 3 weeks ago. Now at least you're aware that walking is not the best way of losing fat.

Making permanent progress is all about tuning up your training. And one of the best ways of doing this is by learning from mistakes. Whether they're your mistakes or other peoples it doesn't matter. Just as long as you learn and adjust.

So what should you do now? Change your training of course. Do a little research and try something else. Perhaps you could learn more about resistance training. This will help you build muscle and lose fat. Perfect.

Just make sure that you keep measuring your progress. When you find something that does works, stick to it. Heck, do even more of it.


3. Reward Yourself Magnificently

Attaching rewards to your goals is a fantastic idea. Rewards draw you irresistably towards achieving what you want.

For this to work properly though, the reward must truly excite you. It should make you drool with desire. We sometimes reward ourselves by going to Fiji. This definitely passes the drool test. It's one of our favourite places in the world to go. It's paradise on earth!

This is a big, expensive reward we know! But it sure does work. We labour incredibly hard because we know how much we love Fiji. We don't attach this reward to just any old goals either. They're difficult goals which are important to us. To sum it up...

Work hard and reward yourself magnificently. You're worth it!

Make sure you follow through on the reward too. It easy to get closer and closer to your goal and feel like it's not such a big stretch to get there anymore. It doesn't feel significant enough to deserve a reward anymore. But keep looking at how far you've come. You'll remember how much effort you've put in and that you do deserve it.

To remind yourself of how far you've come it's helpful to...


4. Build A Planner

If you're really interested in sticking with your fitness program then it's worth building a planner. You can immerse yourself in the details of it and really feel like you're making progress from day to day.

You can either use a folder or a nice book. Put the information from the first three fitness training tips in.

  1. Your goals.
  2. Your measurements.
  3. Your rewards

Other things you might put in your planner include...

  1. Inspiring pictures of nice looking bodies. Bodies you want to look like.
  2. Exercises that you enjoy doing.
  3. A summary of other fitness training tips that you come across. We send new ones out every month in our newsletter.
  4. Anything else you think would help you achieve your goals.


5. Variety

Fun workouts are unbeatable for achieving your home fitness training goals. You're more likely to want to do them. They're no longer hard-work, because you're playing.

To keep your workouts fun and interesting it's important to have variety. There's countless ways to mix it up. It just takes a bit of creativity. Here's a few ideas for starters:


6. Build a Workout Room

Having a place in your home to go and do workouts is great. It makes your workouts more focused. You go in, do your workout and leave again.

Simple! Effective! Quick!

Depending on your house, you can dedicate an entire room or just a portion of it to your workouts. Put a couple of pieces of fitness training equipment in there and you'll soon have a great place to go and exercise.


7. Find Someone To Workout With

Another thing that makes workouts more fun and interesting is other people. But you need to make sure you have the right person.

They should:

  • Challenge you to push yourself when you're ready to give up.
  • Be an uplifting person who enjoys exercise.
  • Be someone who is commited. They turn up week in, week out. Not someone who feebly calls you and says "I can't make it, I'm feeling tired..."


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Our last little bit of advice is to just keep following these fitness training tips and you will get there! Guaranteed!

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