The Secret Flat Tummy Exercises That Turned Me Into a TV Star!

It had been ages since I'd last done flat tummy exercises. 8 months prior I'd substituted my favorite sport - springboard diving - for spending time in the pantry! (Oops)

My once athletic midsection had been traded in for something a little softer.

I was in a rut and I needed something to get me out of it. And then it came...

Motivation galore!

I was wanted for a TV Commercial... They needed a hot diver girl to somersault through the air while wearing a bikini and board shorts...

For the most part that was simple enough... I waxed my forest-like legs, bikini and armpits... Dyed my hair and slapped on some makeup. Phew... I was still pretty!

Now all I had to sort out was the belly fat I'd developed over the past year.

I sat down that afternoon and planned the flat stomach exercises I'd do each day. They were specifically designed to help me lose abdominal fat.

A month later the advert was filmed. As you can see, my flat tummy exercises worked...

I was a TV star... Well my mom thought so anyway! :)



The Flat Tummy Exercises That Got Me TV Ready!



These aren't your everyday flat tummy exercises... They work your abs, your thighs and your butt too!

Let me explain...

Doing full body exercises is the BEST way to lose belly fat...

ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE has abdominal muscles. The reason you can't always see them is because they're hiding under abdominal fat. So, in order to get a sexy flat tummy you simply need to lose body fat. And I say simply, because it is simple...

All you need to do is build lean muscle. This revs up your metabolism and burns calories constantly... Even when you're NOT working out.

Building lean muscle turns you into a fat-burning machine!

These exercises do just that...




Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell squats are one of the best flat tummy exercises you can do. They give you that deep-muscle-burning feeling... Which is excellent for building strong fat-burning muscles!

Make sure that you keep the intensity really high. Use the heaviest weights you can SAFELY lift and just keep on going!

Make sure your knee's don't go past your toes.

  1. Get equal weights to hold in each hand. Dumbbells are ideal.
  2. Stick you butt out and squat down as if you're sitting on an invisible chair.
  3. Move the weights forward to balance your center of gravity.
  4. Power back up to the start position.
  5. Repeat till you can no longer!


flat tummy exercisesflat tummy exercises



Hanging Leg Raise

This is the BEST abdominal exercise for women. Why? Because it works your entire core intensively! It tones, strengthens and most importantly, builds that fat-burning muscle which we love so much!

Keep your lower back flat at the bottom of the movement. This will stop it from getting injured.

  1. Find a bar that you can easily grip onto. Or, get your significant other to make one for you!
  2. Hang from the bar as shown in picture 1.
  3. Keeping your legs straight and raise your toes up to the bar.
  4. Slowly lower them back down to the start position.
  5. Repeat...

P.S. If you can't get your toes all the way to the top at first that's okay... You can bend your knees up to your chest to make it easier :)


flat tummy exercisesflat tummy exercises


Dumbbell Deep Swings

I L-O-V-E this exercise! It's just awesome... If you want an exercise to burn serious fat... this is it!

P.S. This exercise is actually an improved version of the one I did in my pre-commercial training. I learnt this one from the Truth About Abs. Click here to find out more about this neat program.

Make sure your knee's don't go past your toes.

  1. Grab a nice heavy weight. One that makes you work hard!
  2. Get into a squat and hang the weight between your legs.
  3. Swing the weight up as high as you can.
  4. Lower it back down again
  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

TIP: Remember, the key is INTENSITY... As with all of these exercises, use a heavy weight and go, go, go until you turn to jello!


flat stomach exercises fat burning exercises


Killer Twists

This is an exercise you can't afford to miss out on! It builds fat-burning muscle in your core, arms and legs! 2 sets of 10 on each side and you'll be wobbling like a washing machine!

Try to hold a weight or medicine ball that really pushes you... I normally do it with a 14lb medicine ball.

Make sure your knee's don't move ahead of your toes.

  1. Hold your weight in the air as shown in picture 1.
  2. Squat down and bring the ball to the side, as shown in picture 2.
  3. Raise back up to the start position.
  4. Repeat until you're wobblin!
  5. Change sides!


flat tummy exercisesflat tummy exercises


The exercises that I used to get my Commercial-ready body are just the tip of the iceberg... There are many more fat-burning exercises available that will help you tighten the notch on your belt.

If you would like more flat tummy exercises - and full exercise programs too - have a look at the Truth About Abs Program. I suggested it to my cousin who is getting married in 5 months time. (She purchased a size 10 dress - which was purposefully too small!) We believe it's the best program to get a flat tummy in the quickest way possible!

Click here to find out more...



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