Ease Your Straining with Flexibility Training

Flexibility training is absolutely vital. It really will ease your bodies straining during sports and other everyday tasks. So many people neglect their flexibility and then wonder why they end up with painful injuries.

Being buff isn't enough, you've gotta be flexible too! It has so many great benefits that are often overlooked. Really, there's no fun in being stiff and rickety.



Shaye doing some crazy flexibility exercise



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Health Benefits of Flexibility Training


Improves any physical performance.


Decreases your risk of getting an injury.


Stretching is a really good way of cleaning out toxins, such as lactic acid, from your body.


Helps to correct muscle imbalances.


Increases the amount your joints can move.


Helps to lengthen your muscles and will make you less likely to become stiff the following day after working out.


Keeps the normal length of all muscles as you age.


Helps to stop you from feeling rickety and old.


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What is Flexibility?

Flexibility is being able to move without being restricted by the tightness of your muscles and joints.

Everybody's level of flexibility is different. It depends on their lifestyle and body makeup. For example if you work at a sit-down job, where you're on the computer all the time you're likely to have tight muscles.

Many people think that being stretchy and flexy, like Shaye, is a gift that only lucky people are blessed with. WRONG! You have the ability to be flexible. Maybe not as flexible as a contortionist. But still, enough to improve your agility and quality of life. We bet, you could even learn the splits.


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How Can Being Flexible Help Me?

Flexibility training..... Only helpful if you're a gymnast? Not true. It is really important for everyone. Yes, you included. Flexibility is wonderful if you want to live with less physical restrictions.

For example: Lets say you've been looking through Fitness-Training-at-Home.com for a few hours. You've found a lot of really helpful information and learnt some cool new exercises. You're feeling inspired. You decide to leave your computer and go workout for a while. We bet, before you begin your workout, you will stretch out your neck (whether you notice it or not).

Sitting at a computer strains your neck muscles and makes them tense. Stretching eases this tension and makes you feel good. It's the same after a full body stretching session, except your whole body feels loose and at ease.

Are you looking to improve your overall flexibility but think you don't have the time? Use this 10 minute stretching session. It's quick, thorough and trust us, you will feel great after doing it!


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How Do I Develop My Flexibility?

You become flexible by stretching. Sorry, this doesn't happen overnight, or even in a week.... but keep it up. Every day will show improvements. You too, can be as flexible as a gymnast. This isn't a joke.

After experiencing the freedom that comes with being supple, you will want to keep on improving, with ambitions that yoga gods dream of.

Check out our stretching pages below this article for different types of stretches that you can do. Do a bit of testing and find out which is best suited for you.


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