Food Intolerance

by George

Hi there,

I was wondering if you knew anything about food intolerances? I think I may be intolerant to milk and I want to test myself to see if I am - do you know a way that I can do this at home without having to go to the doctor and get a test done?
By the way - love your site!

Thanks heaps

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Dec 13, 2008
There is a solution!
by: Tom

Hi George,

I have had a lot of experience with food intolerances. I actually had quite a few of them myself, including milk.

You should look into what's called an elimination diet. There are lots and lots of books on the subject with much more detail that I could tell you about here, but the diet basically goes like this...

1. Stop eating the foods which you suspect you may be sensitive to. (A book will tell you common suspect foods)
2. Your symptoms should clear up. If not, then you either haven't cut out the culprit or food intolerance isn't your problem.
3. Reintroduce a food type one at a time, leaving a few days between each one.
4. When your body reacts to one of the foods you'll be able to identify exactly which one it is.

You should keep a food diary, detailing how you feel, what you ate, and any other significant feelings you get throughout the diet. Then you'll be able to go back through it and pick up the clues. It really is like detective work.

The elimination diet is hard work but it is definitely worth it. Once you've got rid of your food intolerances you'll have a lot more energy...

...More energy for fitness training at home ;)

Hope that helps


Dec 13, 2008
by: Margo-personal trainer

For milk intolerance/allergy, to know for sure, you need a blood test. The easy answer; the most common sense one I would recommend is to eliminate dairy. If your symptom(s) have your answer.
That's the short story! There are much longer ones I could go into - and the web is your best resource for this. Its very up to date with real people and real results who have, or think they have this issue.

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