Are You Looking For a Great Foot Stretch?

A really good foot stretch will help keep your feet strong, flexible, pain free and safe from injuries. Foot injuries can be very painful and can keep you out of action for a long time. That's no good now is it? Of course not... You can just imagine all the great exercises you'd miss out's like these.

These are the awesome foot stretches that you will learn from this article:


Benefits of Stretching Your Feet


You are less likely to get annoying little injuries which can be very painful.


Your overall flexibility will improve and enable you to live with less physical restrictions.


Stretching the areas around your feet will help your performance in sports.


Stretching is proven to help control stress and improve your mood.


And of course, stretching around your feet will help keep them mobile as you age. Nobody want to get old and rickety!


For even greater full body benefits, check out our full body stretch.


Point 'em Pointers

This stretch might gross you out at first. The toes tend to go crunch! After a while, this will most likely disappear. We find it difficult to start a workout without doing this stretch - as well as a few others - beforehand.

  1. Kneel on the ground.
  2. Sit on your ankles and lean backwards.
  3. Make sure that your knees raise off the ground.
  4. Feel your toes and feet pointing and stretching.
  5. Hold for 15+ seconds.




Point 'n Flex 'n Twist

This foot stretch warms up and stretches the ankles and the toes.

  1. Face your feet towards the sky.
  2. Stretch your toes towards you as hard as you can.
  3. Then point them forwards as close to the ground as possible.
  4. Repeat this action about 20 times.

A variation of this exercise can be seen in the bottom picture. This stretch and warm up exercise can be done in the following way:

  1. Face your feet towards the sky.
  2. Roll them in circular movements from your ankles.
  3. Draw circles with your toes.
  4. Do this 10 times and them swap the direction.




Heel and Foot Stretch

A perfect stretch for isolating your heel and calf. This 2 in 1 exercise is great for those who hate wasting time.

  1. Find a ledge to stand on.
  2. Find something to help you balance.
  3. Put the frontal part of your foot on the edge of the ledge.
  4. Allow your heel to drop.
  5. Feel your heel and calf stretching.
  6. Hold for 20+ seconds.
  7. Don't forget to stretch the other foot too!



We hope you've enjoyed this foot stretch guide. For added benefits why don't you stretch your hamstrings while you're at it!


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