After A Free Ab Workout Routine to Develop Sexy Solid Abs?

This is a no hype, simple and effective, free ab workout routine.

If you're looking to develop your abs or tone your tummy, doing frequent ab workouts is absolutely essential. On this page you'll find one of our favorite, tried and tested ab workouts. This ab routine works! - Give it a try... you've got nothing to lose!


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This free ab workout routine will take around 20 minutes. So grab yourself a yoga mat and 2 weights... take the telephone off the hook... remove your rump from this computer chair and DO IT RIGHT AWAY! There never was a better time than now!...


If you're at work, copy the URL of this page and email it to your home address. You'll get it when you get home later and it will remind you to get moving.


Benefits of This Free Ab Workout Routine


It's FREE! There's nothing better than good quality, free stuff!


Doing this ab workout 3-4 times a week will get you seeing results...and fast!


This free ab workout routine shouldn't take more than about 20-30 mins.


Everybody agrees that having strong, toned abs looks absolutely fantastic.


Having strong abs will help a lot with physical tasks which you do throughout the day. You'll have lots of energy left over for the important having fun.


If this free ab workout routine is a little too difficult at first, that's okay. You can work your way up to it by doing some of our other great abdominal exercise. Or... Just take the first step by doing as much as you can. You'll be doing the whole thing in no time!


SO, are you ready? Let's Go...!


The Free Ab Workout Routine:

Exercise 1 - Lower Body Ab Raises

It doesn't matter how developed, or undeveloped your abs are, this is a good exercise for you. If you can't raise your legs that high at the start, it's okay. In time, you'll have your feet in the clouds!

  1. Grab your mat.
  2. Lie on your back with your arms to your side.
  3. Raise your legs to 90 degrees.
  4. Using your abdomen and pushing into the ground with your hands, raise your feet towards the sky, or roof :)
  5. Slowly lower yourself, in a controlled movement, back down again. Don't drop your hips down too quickly.
  6. Do about 10-20 reps, or as many as you can manage.
  7. Rest for 20 seconds between sets.
  8. In total do 3-4 Sets.



Exercise 2 - Ab and Oblique Crunches

This exercise targets both your abdominals and your obliques. It's important to work all areas of your core for muscle balance and a really sexy look.

  1. Lie on your mat.
  2. Hook your feet under something (I am using a bowflex weight)
  3. Get another weight and hold it by your chest.
  4. Sit up in a controlled movement (as shown in picture two)
  5. Hold this position for about 1-2 seconds.
  6. Twist at your core as shown in picture 3.
  7. Hold for 1-2 seconds.
  8. Return to the center, hold for 1-2 seconds.
  9. Release back down to the mat.
  10. Take a deep breath and repeat the sequence twisting the opposite way.
  11. Do between 10-20 or as many a spossible.



Exercise 3 - Lil' Burners!

These lil burners might not look like much, but the name gives it away... They burn! Give them a try, your abs will thank a few days ;)

  1. Lie on your yoga mat.
  2. Crunch your knees up as shown in picture 1.
  3. This is the start position.
  4. Using your abdominal muscles, crunch your knees up as shown in picture 2.
  5. Really try to isolate your core and get the movement coming from solely in this area. (You're cheating if you use momentum to rock your knees up!)
  6. Return slowly to position 1.
  7. Repeat 15-20 times, or as many time as possible... Don't go easy on yourself though!



Exercise 4 - Tuck Ups

This is a fantastic abdominal exercise which Shaye insists is a vital part of this free ab workout routine. She used to do these for diving training and all those diving girls had rock hard abs!

  1. Grab your mat.
  2. Lie on your back in a "dish" position, as shown in picture 1.
  3. Tuck your legs up and at the same time, raise your upper body. Try to reach the postition shown in image 2. This may be difficult to master at first, but persevere.
  4. Lower back down to start position.
  5. Hold for 1-2 seconds and then repeat.
  6. Do between 12-24, or as many as possible.



Exercise 4 - Reverse Limb Limbo

This may be the most challenging exercise in this free ab workout routine. That's okay, work your way towards it. This not only tones your abs, but does favors for your entire body too!

  1. Grab your yoga mat.
  2. Get into the push up position.
  3. Raise one of your legs straight out behind you.
  4. Raise the alternate arm right out to the font of you.
  5. Hold this position for as long as possible and then repeat using the opposite sides.




Exercise 6 - Inbetween Ab Crunches

This is a simple little exercise to finish off this free ab workout routine. If you did it at the start of the workout, it might not be all that difficult. But your abs should be quite tired by now, so this should burn a bit. Burn is good... right?

  1. Hop onto your faithful mat again.
  2. Get your body into position 1.
  3. Crunch your abs and try to touch your toes.
  4. Hold for 1 second and lower back to the start position.
  5. Repeat until your abs are screaming for mercy. (You may as well make the most of the last exercise in the ab workout routine!)



That wasn't so bad was it?! And... you wanna know the best news? If you do that 3-4 times a week, over time you will be guaranteed to develop a sexy mid section that stirs envy in all!

*Note* If you're a slightly larger person with excess fat, it's important to remember that doing doing ab exercises alone won't cut it. If you have a big layer of fat, even the greatest of abs won't show through. You can learn how to lose this tummy fat and get 6 pack abs here.


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