Build a Body You're Proud of With These Free Workout Plans

Heads will turn after you begin doing these free workout plans. You will get the body you've always dreamed of...

We want to help you out by giving you quality, up-to-date information and workouts. We want you to experience the wonderful benefits that come from being fit and healthy.

After looking through hundreds of websites, we realised that there was a real shortage of great training programmes on the net. At every corner somebody was trying to trick you into a sale! Don't worry, we're not here to try to trick you into anything...

We're just here to help you to look great!


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important note about fitness workouts

Remember, you have to keep your workouts fun and varied. Change workouts from time to time and keep your favourite music blaring. Really give fitness your best shot. After beginning to experience the benefits, you won't look back.



Benefits of Our Free Workout Plans


Well... The most obvious benefit is that they're free! No hidden costs at all, just good, honest info :)


From beginners to advanced, we have workouts that can help you...There's free workout plans to suit all different fitness levels.


We give tips and advice to make the exercises more difficult (For the advanced), or a little less difficult (For the beginners)


We have ab workouts, leg workouts, weight loss workouts etc. This keeps it fun and varied to help with your motivation.


Doing these free workout plans frequently will make you look and feel fantastic.


Most of our workouts contain home made gym equipment, or equipment that is really cheap to buy. This mean less expenses - YAY!


If you only have time for a 20 minute workout, most of these will be perfect for you. They're quick and really effective.


What You Will Need For Your Free Workout Plans

We designed our free workout plans so that you won't need much equipment. Our aim is to get you fit without breaking the bank! We didn't however, want to jeopardize the effectiveness of our workouts so there are a few things that you may need.

  • The first thing is a yoga mat, or some sort of soft surface so that you don't hurt your back on some of the exercises. Yoga mats are pretty cheap, but if you don't want one, you could use a few towels on top of each other.
  • The next thing that may be handy is some dumbbells. If you're not sure what type are good to buy there's an informative review here of the bowflex selecttech dumbbells. We recommend them if you're seriously committed to doing workouts at home. If you don't want to go buying anything, check out our home made milk dumbottles which also do a good job.
  • Another thing that we strongly advise making is our super special ab-bench machine. This home-made machine isn't just any ab bench. You have to use it to believe it, the results are amazing!

And that's about it really. Easy huh? Get those things together and you have all you need to get a super sexy and super fit body! If you want to do a workout today and haven't yet made the equipment, that's okay, a lot of our exercises require no equipment whatsoever. So what are you waiting for? C'mon, give it a go.


Where and When Our Free Workouts Can be Done

As with all the exercises on our site, our free workout plans can be done at home. We haven't included any expensive equipment or machinery, so it is all possible to do in the comfort of your own back yard, living room, or wherever else you have a little free space. We truly believe that the key to long term health and fitness is developing a habit of home exercise. It's just so easy and convenient.

We have heaps of workouts on our site, some are long and very difficult, others are shorter and a little easier. It just depends on how much time and energy you have.


free workout plans to get you fit

Just an idea... Why don't you take a before photo now? Then in a few months time after you've been doing these workouts for a while, take the after photo. Nothing is more motivating than actually being able to see how far you've come. It's easy to not notice since you see yourself every day.



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