Simple Healthy Eating Guidelines To Energize Your Life

Using these healthy eating guidelines will improve your energy levels. We guarantee it. They are tried and tested...

...By us :)

We've done a lot of research and personal experimentation into different foods.

And we've discovered some amazing things...


healthy eating guidelines

For example, Tom changed his diet completely and he experienced a radical change in his energy levels and his happiness. He found out first-hand that the things you put into your body have a huge influence on your well-being.

It makes sense really, doesn't it...

Your body gets its nourishment from food. If you don't give it high quality foods to repair itself then it's going to break down.


Think about how your body feels after you've eaten either of the following:

  1. Plate of deep fried fish and chips.
  2. Fresh, crispy, bright salad.

If you're in tune with your body then you'll know for sure the difference between these foods.

Number 1 will likely make you feel drowsy and gluggy. Your body doesn't like that type of food. There's no nourishment in it.

Number 2 will keep you feeling alert and energized...more alive.


The healthy eating guidelines

We've done a lot of research and experimentation so far. Far too much to write about here. So we've boiled it down...

...Into 3 healthy eating guidelines. They will give you much higher energy levels and make you feel better than ever before!

When you have lots of energy, the effects ripple out into every area of your life. Improvements in your diet make you a fitter and stronger athlete, a better spouse and a more enjoyable person to be around.

Now, we realise that making these changes is difficult. We've been-there done-that before. So...

To make this as easy as possible for you there's a special philosophy you can take on board.

Don't say NO to bad foods. Say YES to fantastic foods.

See the difference?

Saying no to certain foods limits your options. It is so much harder to make the necessary changes when you feel that you're being limited every step you take.

But when you say yes to fantastic foods there's always something new to try. It becomes more like a game to find the best foods ever. The new exciting foods will crowd out the old unhealthy ones. Your life will change forever.

Now, onto the healthy eating guidelines...


1. Eat more whole foods

healthy eating guidelines

Processed foods are those which have had something removed from them to make them easier to use in cooking, or more attractive for supermarket shelves.

Etiher way, they weren't processed with the intent of improving your health.

Our answer to processed foods... Eat more whole foods.

Whole foods have got more minerals, vitamins, fiber...actually, more everything that's meant to be in there. All the different parts of the food work together synergistically to improve your health. It's what nature intended.

You've heard of the glycemic index (GI) before right? If not, the GI is a measure of how foods affect your blood sugar levels. A food with a high GI will make your blood sugar spike and then crash. Low GI foods have a more even profile. They give you steady energy levels so you don't end up bottoming out and feeling bad. And guess what...

Yep. Whole foods have got lower GI's than processed foods. It's scientifically proven that whole foods will energize your life!

So next time you're at the supermarket...

Spend some time in the fresh produce section. See what new interesting whole foods you can add in to your diet which you've never tried before. You'll probably be surprised at the variety that is there.

Don't worry about taking away the "bad foods". Just open yourself up to this new area. It's actually quite fun.


2. Eat more organic food

Now, speaking of supermarkets. Many supermarket foods have been grown with bulk production in mind. The easy way for them to do this, at least in the short term, is to spray the foods with pesticides and herbicides. It kills all the little "nasties" and leaves you with large quantities of perfect looking fruit and vegetables.

Now, we know you're clever, or else you wouldn't be reading this. So we'll ask your opinion...

Does that sound like a good idea to you? "Lets spray all of our food with poison"

We think it stinks. Organic food is by far the better option. End of story :)

organic fruit and vegetables

Organic food promotes energy in many ways. One of the biggies is that your body doesn't have to deal with poison anymore. That's gotta make it easier for your cells.

Organic food also has up to 40% more healthy nutrients according to a recent study by researchers in Newcastle University.

Oooo and the taste...

When we first bought fruit from the organic shop down the road it was amazing. It brought back so many childhood memories. Memories of the apples from grandma's tree in her back garden. It's what real food tastes like.

Organic food is more expensive though, so we understand that it may not always be easy to buy it. But again, just add some in... a little at a time. The more you eat it the more you'll want to eat it.


3. Eat more live foods

One of the best things we've ever done for our health is to grow a vegetable garden... Organic of course. :)

healthy eating guidelines

In the mornings we go out to the garden and pick some spinach. That way we know it's fresh, alive and incredibly healthy. It's great blended up in a green smoothie with other healthy foods too. It's probably THE best way to get large quantities of health-promoting nutrients into your body. All before the day even begins. It's also a great way of hydrating yourself after a long sleep, which brings us to our next point...

You've heard a gazillion times about how essential it is to stay hydrated. So here's a gazillion and 1. It's true you know! Being hydrated makes massive differences to your energy levels.

But most people don't go about it in the right way...

Eating lots of cooked, dry, salty foods dehydrates your body. You have to drink glasses and glasses of water just to break even. Living fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, help you stay hydrated. They pump you up with h2O. You can feel yourself getting juicier with every bite.

Live foods really are fantastic. The way they make you feel is just amazing. You feel so alive on the inside. Like there's a party going on in there.

So how about trying something new this week. See if you can make an entire meal without cooking anything. At the very least it will be a bit of fun.


So there you have it. Healthy eating guidelines as simple as 1, 2, 3! Eat more live, whole, organic foods and you will have higher energy levels. It's the truth.

If you start to add these healthy eating guidelines into your diet... we guarantee you... you will begin to feel more alive and energized than ever before!


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