Help in Bulking up Skinny Legs Without Weights

Hi, I have really skinny legs and I was wondering if the calf exercises for strong and sexy legs are the best for me or if there are any others I could do. I also don't have access to weights so anything without those would be good. Thankyou

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Aug 04, 2015
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Nov 12, 2009
Bulding Muscle And Toning Your Legs Without Using Weights
by: Shaye and Tom

Hi there Catherine!

You could definitely bulk up and tone your calves by doing calf exercises.

If you want to bulk up the rest of your legs too... we recommend doing some of the exercises on the following pages:

Some of the exercises on those pages use equipment, but many don't - so they would be great for you.

On the other hand if you want more exercises which don't require equipment you can have a look at our e-book, Workout. Whenever. Wherever. It's got 100 Equipment Free Exercises. 31 of those exercises are for your legs and butt.

Good luck with your efforts to build strong and sexy legs :)

Kind regards, 

Shaye and Tom

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