Home Fitness Training vs. Gym Training - No Contest! Find Out Why...

Home fitness training is something we've been doing for a long time now. Sure, we used to train at the gym too, but we gave that up long ago. We think that it's got too many downsides compared to what you get from it.

Here are some of the reasons we prefer to do our fitness training at home...


You Save Time Training At Home

Home fitness training is an excellent way to save time. There's a lot less wastage in general throughout the workout process.

And it's clear why, when you look at the activities involved with going to the gym. In fact, lets do that...

Lets compare the activities involved with home fitness training vs. gym fitness training.


Gym Workouts

Home Workouts

  1. Drive to the gym and fight the traffic.
  2. Find a parking
  3. Go into the gym and swipe your pass
  4. Begin your workout.
  5. If you're someone who goes after work, the gym is normally crowded and full. You normally have to wait for someone before you can use the machine you want.
  6. Make small talk with other gym-goers.
  7. Finish up, shower and change.
  8. Leave the gym
  9. Drive home and fight the traffic
  1. Go to the area where you exercise
  2. Setup your equipment (if required) and do your workout.
  3. Finish up your workout and shower.

See what we mean?

Sure, some of those gym activities may seem insignificant, but they all add up to create a lot of waste. And if you think about it, how often do you see someone go to the gym and be back in under 1 hour?

Almost never! (Unless you live next-door to your gym)

But when you do your fitness training at home you can finish up in less than 30 minutes.

And if you spent an hour, you could do a full body workout. You'd get amazing results in short period of time.


Home - 1, Gym - Nil


There's More Flexibility

With home fitness training, there's no restrictions to what you can do. Your home fitness workouts don't have to be confined to a 10m x 20m space. If you feel like it, you can go for a run, do some pressups, leap-frog up a hill and hand-stand-walk back home.

We happen to have a tennis court about 2 minutes walk from our house. When we get bored with our exercises we just go to the courts and have a game. Tennis gives you a fantastic aerobic workout, builds good hand-eye coordination and is great for building shoulder muscles.

And if we're feeling up to it, we'll have a game of "crazy tennis"

What's Crazy Tennis?

Probably the most dizzying, insanely exhausting, stupid, crazy game we've ever made up. But it leaves you in hysterics because you look absolutely mad while you're playing...

The Rules

The idea behind this game isn't to get the other player to force an error, it's more of a co-operative game. The idea is to keep the ball going between you for as long as you can.

Instead of hitting the ball across the net, you have to bounce it across the net by hitting it hard into the ground on your side of the court first. This buys you time to do the "crazy" part.

The fun begins... In between the time you hit the ball and the time you get it back, you have to complete a sequence of movements. You can make them whatever you want but this is what we did.

  1. Cartwheel
  2. Do a John Travolta dance move resembling something from Saturday Night Fever
  3. Spin around 3 times
  4. Put your racket on the ground
  5. Jump over it (This becomes more difficult, the dizzier you get)
  6. Pick it up again.

Feel free to add as many movements to the sequence as you can handle in the small amount of time you have between hits.

Have Fun!

Another good thing about training at home is that you can do it whenever you feel like. You can even just do small pockets of exercise throughout your day. Which gives amazing results by the way...

Also, people who do their training at home eventually pick up the skills to be able to exercise wherever they are. We often go away to Tom's grandparents holiday home for the week. And because we know heaps of equipment free exercises, it's easy for us to keep fit while we're away.


Home - 2, Gym - Nil


Save Money

Gym memberships cost, on average, between $30 to $60 per month. They also often require a joining fee which costs between $50 and $200.

When you add up that cost for an entire year, it comes to about $700. And that doesn't even include the cost of travel to and from the gym. Ouch!

Home fitness training costs are practicaly non-existent.

  • There are tonnes of exercises available on our site which you can do for little to no money.
  • You can learn to exercise without using weights
  • You could purchase some home fitness training equipment, eg: a home rowing machine...but it's definitely not going to cost you $700 and then $540 every year after... unless you're really rough with it. :)


Home - 3, Gym - minus 1 million


Motivation to exercise

Some people say that gym's provide good motivation to exercise. Well that's partially true, depending on which gym you go to and the way you look at it.

We actually find the gym very draining and much more hassle than it's worth. Being ineffective is definitely not motivating to us.

In any case, keeping yourself motivated is a skill that can be learned.

  • Having structured plans and timetables helps with this.
  • You can have your friends come around to your house and exercise, something Tom does regularly.
  • You can make challenges for yourself
  • You can track your progress.
  • You can try different exercises and games to keep things interesting.


Home - 4, Gym - minus 999,999


Well that pretty much seals the deal. There's no contest, like we said! Home fitness training is more cost effective, more time effective, more flexible and potentially more motivating. But we're sure there's many more reasons.


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