Home Made Gym Equipment As Easy As 1, 2, Free...

...Well, almost free. You can make this home made gym equipment for next to nothing. I just found the materials lying around my house so it didn't cost me anything extra!

2 Fantastic Pieces Of Homemade Gym Equipment That You Can Build!

  1. Home made ab bench
  2. Home made milk dumbottles


Benefits of Making Home Made Gym Equipment


You can make it exactly the way you want it. From shoddy to extravagant, built in drinks holders to squeaky bent boards, smooth foam padding to splinters in your back. Like I said, whatever you want.


If you build your own equipment you are much more likely to use it. I use my ab bench almost every single day.


Home made gym equipment is cheap. Cheap's good right! It's also FUN to build. :) I like hammers!


It gets your brain thinking about new ways of challenging your muscles.


Building your own home made gym equipment reinforces your commitment to exercise.


Right, now on to the fun part...

How To Make The Ab Bench

example for home made gym equipmentThe ab bench is mine and Shaye's favorite piece of equipment. You can do the best abdominal exercise ever on it...

Seriously, if you build and use this piece of equipment, you'll be able to build incredibly sexy abdominal muscles in a short amount of time...

...That's what we're doing. We're using it for our 12 week abs challenges.


Here's What You'll Need...

As you can see from the picture above you need to lean the bench up against something. I've just used a seat bench. You could use anything really. Chair, bench, outdoor table...your partner hehe.

You need to get a long, thick piece of wood. The dimensions of the one I use are 45x290x1780mm or 2"x11"x5'10". They're easy enough to pick up from a timber yard. I just used an offcut from my deck....

That beam wasn't important anyway... I hope!

Piece of wood for fitness training ab bench

You need some sort of piping. I used plastic electrical piping which was lying around the house. Steel piping would probably be quite good too because it's very rigid.

You'll also need some tools: A drill, a hammer and some nails.


How To Make It

You should probably try to scope out a place where you want to put it before you start building. Ideally you want a place that is going to allow you to adjust the angle of the bench as you get stronger. Until eventually the angle gets so high that you can do what Tom's doing below and don't even need a bench.

ab exercises for home made gym equipmentab exercises for home made gym equipment


There are two options for the ab bench:

Nail the piping onto the board itself.

board for home made gym equipment

This is good if you want a portable board. You can lean it up against anything and use it. It'll be like your very best buddy, you can take it shopping, go out for coffee and take long romantic walks on the beach... Ahem!

bend the nails over for this piece of home made gym equipment

If you do it this way please make sure you choose the right length of nail. Or at least bash the nails down.

I don't want you impaling yourself!

The other option is...

Nail the piping onto a solid structure, like the railing on your deck. You can basically use anything as long as it doesn't move.

railing for home made gym equipment

Make sure it's in a position where you can lean it up against something. I've used the seat that runs around the edge of my deck. It works fine.

ab bench example for home made gym equipment

If you want to be really fancy you can cover it with foam. But what I do is just put down a towel and a yoga mat. Trust me, you need to do this. I tried it without and ended up with a big angry weeping wound where my tailbone rubbed on the bench. OUCH!

How To Make Milk Dumbbottles

finished product for home made gym equipment

Milk dumbbottles are a super-cheap way to build weights. They are useful for exercises which don't require much resistance at all.

There are lots of ways to make these. You can fill them with anything you want.

  1. Water
  2. Sand
  3. Concrete
  4. Rocks
  5. Milk.....hmm maybe not

Each will give different weights.

In this example I've used a concrete mixture and they weigh about 4.5kg (10lbs) each.


Here's What You'll Need

You need a milk bottle... If you can, try to get the bottles with the nice ergonomically designed handles. They're oh-so-smooth and don't hurt your fingers when you use them.

milk bottle for home made gym equipment


sand for home made gym equipment


rocks for home made gym equipment


cement for home made gym equipment

and water.


How to make the dumbottles

This is the easy part. Just mix all your ingredients together.

The ratio of sand/rock to cement is 5:1 so if you use 10 scoops of sand/rock mixture use 2 scoops of cement. Then just use water to make the mixture slushy. Pour it into your milk dumbottles and you're good to go.

It takes about two months for these to harden...nah just kidding. It did for mine though. It's probably a good idea to leave the lid off the bottle for a few days to allow the concrete to cure a bit better.

You want something you can use today, right? Right!


Looking for other low cost equipment?

When it comes to fitness equipment, you'll never get as cheap as home-made. But you can get some other low cost items which can make a serious difference to your training.

My favorite low-cost piece of equipment is a door pull up bar. It only cost me $20 and it has given me so much more strength in my upper body. It also lets me do hanging leg raises, my favorite abdominal strengthening exercise.

Read my review of the door pull up bars here...





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