How I Stay Healthy At Remote Work Locations

by Adam
(Perth & the Pilbara, WA, Austarlia)

I am a fly in fly out worker who works away from home 9 days out of every 14.

My job takes me to remote sites for the duration of the working shift and each one varies in location, ammenities and mess facilities.

Each 12 hour day would start with brekky, pack your own crib lunch and dinner late into the evening. I, like many others on this type of work regimen quickly fall into the trap of over eating, not passing by the dessert section enough and not exercising.

As I quickly noticed an expanding waist line I tried to find a quick fix by skipping meals etc but that back fired pretty quickly.

So it was off to the company provided gym at each site and now I have access to 7 gyms and counting. Each one is different and varies in equipment and size so I needed to get my own system going so I new what i could do when at each site.

My day now begins with porridge, it's easier to eat at 5 in the morning. I pack a mid morning protein hit with a piece of chicken or cheese and a boiled egg. Lunch is usually a salad with tuna or salmon, afternoons is fruit and another boiled egg if I'm hitting the gym that evening.

It's often unsafe to walk around the sites and to walk the access roads back to the accommodation huts after work. So I will head to the gym or work out in my room if it's large enough. My workout is ideally 1 day cardio next day weights or machines depending on the equipment available and I usually don't do more than 30-45 minutes as it's quite late into the evening by then.

It will be about 7-7:30 by the time I finish and that will mean the dining facilities are about to close. So instead of rushing off to wolf down a night time meal I will opt for a protein shake or another form of light meal with fruit and a large cup of green tea in my room (I keep supplies). This usually satisfies me until the next day.

At least once or twice i will go to a sit down meal at the mess at night and eat healthy options and end with an ice cream. I have chosen not to drink any alcohol whilst away, not only for health reasons but also just in case i get called back to work and fail a drug & alcohol test. Guaranteed no amount of drinking equals un-employment!

I also now do not eat any airplane food and on my days off I get enough exercise living life to the full. No man is a mountain. So that's basically what I do for at least 9 days every fortnight and I've lost approx 15kg and have kept it off. I am now happy with who I am, how I look and my regimen allows me to be strict on myself with lots of fun thrown in as well.

Living a full life is motivation enough for me and I intend to stick around for a long time. With 5 kids and 4 grand kids, they need me as much as I need them.

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