How To Get Abs Without Doing A Single Crunch

You would think that of all people, I would know how to get abs. I've had them my entire life. So why wouldn't I know?

Well until recently, if someone asked me how to get them, my response would have been something like.

*Shrug* - "I don't some crunches?"

You see, I wasn't aware of all the things I was doing to maintain my abs. It was just something I had always done and never really thought about it.

But after reading the truth about six pack abs program, I learned that a lot of my current home fitnesss training was almost a perfect fit for getting ripped six pack abs.

Notice I said almost? I have since made improvements and now I am stronger and my abs are more visible than ever before. And I don't bother doing crunches anymore - it turns out they're not as effective as everyone says...

Below is an overview of everything I now know about how to get abs. Use it wisely and you too can stop doing crunches and improve your abs beyond belief.


1. Lose body fat

This is the most important part about how to get abs. If you don't have low fat levels then you will never see your abs no matter how much you exercise them.

If you can reach down to your belly and get a decent grip on some've likely got too much for a six pack. Lowering your body fat levels should be your priority.

Shaye learned this lesson the hard way. Read what she discovered about abs classes at the gym here... (hint: They're not designed to reveal your abs at all)

Also read about the exercise that gave Lisa a sexy 6 pack - But didn't work for Shaye...

How do you lose body fat? Simple...


Eat a healthy diet

This means plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Now when I say plenty, I mean plenty. Fruit and vege's should form the majority of your diet.

Don't listen to the food pyramid. It tells you that bread, pasta and grains should be the bulk...Trust me, that doesn't work.

And make sure you don't make this mistake when it comes to lose abdominal fat


Do full body exercises

Full body exercises will build up muscle tissue throughout your body. This will boost your metabolism so that you're always burning higher levels of energy.

Full body exercises include squats, lunges, burpees, deadlifts, overhead squat press etc.

Read how Shaye showed her sister how to do a real workout to lose tummy fat.


Keep the intensity of your exercises high

This has some awesome effects on your body. It helps you build muscle and burn fat faster than lower intensity exercises.

So, if you are doing hours and hours of low intensity cardio...try to mix in a few high intensity interval training sessions.

And if you've been lifting the same weights for months on end, make them heavier!


2. Build Up Some Abdominal Muscles

Once you've got your body fat levels under control, you should be able to see your abs.

But if you really want to make them look ripped, you need to do some specific abdominal exercises.

Like the ones you can do on this best ab machine...

Or hanging leg raises, which I learned from the truth about 6 pack abs program.

Here's a video of me doing a set of them...



I started off doing a single set of 5 reps and now I'm doing 3 sets of 8... That's only after doing them for about 2 months. So the improvements are coming fast.


If you find these too hard then it's a good idea to start off our old favorite. The ab bench. These are still one of the best ab exercises around... They are a lead-up to hanging leg raises. A way to practice them without needing too much strength.

And that's a broad overview of how to get abs without doing a single crunch. If you would like a more detailed guide for getting a six-pack, give the truth about six pack abs a shot.



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