I Just Love The Outdoors

by Andy
(sg, singapore)

As an active guy living in a tropical country I just love the outdoors and it's just really great to have a toned body for all the hours spent at the beach...especially here in hot and sunny Singapore...when there are always excuses to take off your shirt ;)

Being able to feel confident in board shorts, swimwear and stuff like that is a motivation... Plus being reminded that the gf has a really beautiful and athletic body (from martial arts!) is even more of an encouragement to get fitter and look better together when we walk together at the beach! :)

TOM SAYS: Hi Andy,

I am also a huge fan of the outdoor activities. Here in New Zealand there are many beautiful walks through the bush with amazing scenery. It's great for keeping in shape while having fun doing it.

Although I haven't been to Singapore yet, it's definitely on the list of places to see. Shaye and I are off to Thailand this June, so we will see a lot of beach time then. I definitely won't be wearing a shirt there, that's for sure!

Funny that you mention your girlfriend doing martial arts. Shaye has just joined my Kempo club, she's absolutely loving it!

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