I lost 12kg's in 1 year! Now I feel confident and energetic


Hi everyone,

I have always wanted to lose a few pounds but I always found it difficult either due to lack of time for a workout or laziness. Another important reason is that I have been an emotional eater since childhood.

I weighed a whopping 76 kgs at the age of 20 (being 5 feet and 6 inches tall).

I didn't realise how heavy I was until I moved to London for educational reasons. Being an overseas student, I had no time to cook meals due to hectic uni and part time work. Most of my meal times, I just grabbed a bar of chocolate. Also I had pizzas, burgers and fries for dinners. I had no energy and I always felt tired and lazy.

When I came back home during my holidays, my parents were shocked to see me. My mum in particular was in shock after seeing my acne prone skin and the effect of my diet on my body. That night me and mum had a huge conversation during which she explained me what I was doing to my body and she gave me confidence that I can still change. She was the one who told me that leading a healthy lifestyle even in our busy lives is not difficult.

Then I started eating sensibly and did regular workouts. My mum even gave me healthy recipes and tips on snacking.

Now I have lost 12 kgs in a year and I feel much more confident, active and energetic. I still have to lose 4 to 5 kilos to reach my ideal weight but I know I can do it.

I am trying to eat as healthy as possible even if I go to restaurants and workout at least 5 days a week. I feel fit and my mum is really proud of me.....ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH SHEER DETERMINATION...

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Dec 08, 2009
Weight loss basics work every time.
by: Tom


That was amazing...I love hearing stories like that. It gives people hope that they can do the same too. People can see from your story that you don't possess super powers...there is no weight loss "secret". You just followed the basics, consistently...

Eat well. Exercise more.

They work every time if you give them your best shot. And to me, it sounds like you gave it a pretty darn good shot.

Of course, it also sounds like there were some other things which helped you along the way. But everyone has access to them if they look for it.

1. Support

Your mum was a key factor in your turnaround. She obviously loves you enough to be straight with you and tell you exactly what she thought. She told you the harsh truth, but also inspired confidence in you. That's the best sort of support you can get. Honest and uplifting.

2. Information

You learned some healthy recipes and some tips on snacking from your mum. But I'll bet, once you started exercising and eating well you probably picked up even more helpful information from various sources.

I like the way you summed up your story. - Anything is possible with sheer determination.

I think it says a lot about your success. You obviously wanted it bad enough to make it happen. And although you haven't lost all the weight yet it sounds like you're already there mentally. You have got the confidence that you'll follow through until you lose those extra 4-5 kilo's.

Well done Anita.

All the best,

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