This Intermediate Stomach Toning Exercise will give you results in no time!

The results this intermediate stomach toning exercise gives are amazing... and so quick! You will be moving onto advanced exercises in no time at all!

It was through years and years of martial arts training, gymnastics training and springboard diving training that we came up with the best intermediate tummy toning exercise, beginners tummy toning exercise and advanced tummy toning exercise. They are fantastic and we would recommend them to anybody who is serious about getting a sexy and toned stomach.


stomach toning exercise

In our opinion, the best exercises that somebody with an average or intermediate level of fitness could do to achieve a sexy mid-section are Pike Up's. Do these frequently (4+ times a week) and you will be amazed at the results.

It may take a while to get the rhythm of this intermediate stomach toning exercise right, but keep practicing, because once you've got it... you're half way there!


The BEST Intermediate Stomach Toning Exercise:


Beginner or Advanced? Please check out your ideal stomach toning exercise below:


Pike Up's (For Intermediate Levels of Fitness)

Pike Up's are quite a difficult exercise. We recommend that you do as many as possible in each set. Try to work your way up to 4 sets of 15. Once you can do this, you're probably ready to move onto the advanced stomach toning exercise.

  1. Get into a "dish" position, as in picture one.
  2. In a very quick, snappy movement, raise your legs and arms and touch them at the top. As in picture 2.
  3. In a controlled movement, lower back down to the start position.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Repeat again... and again...
  6. Remember to keep the intensity high!



advanced abdominal exercise

advanced abdominal exercise


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See Faster Results by Adding in a Little Cardio!

Keen to get onto Advanced Tummy Toners A.S.A.P.? Add to your fitness by doing at least 3 cardio training sessions a week. This will not only help you perform more pike up's due to increased fitness... But it will also help to burn off any "excess" fat which is hanging around. Fat acts as a "blanket" over your muscles. So even if you do tone up, you might not notice any visible changes as there is a "blanket" of fat hiding all your hard work!


After you've been doing this intermediate stomach toning exercise for a while, why not try spice up your workout a little by adding in some of our other abdominal exercises which you can do at home.


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