Kill the cravings!

by Rex Reed
(Smithfield, Utah, USA)

I have tried uncountable breakfast menues to aid in weight loss on a low calorie (1,200/day) diet. With most breakfast menues the hunger pangs show up about 10:00.

I finally realized that I needed more protein in my breakfast to stave off hunger pangs throughout the day.

My favorite breakfast is sort of a southwest omelet. I saute diced onions, bell peppers, chopped mushrooms and diced ham or turkey (the thin sliced, packaged kind from the grocery store).

Once these ingredients are cooked to my desire, I crack in one egg and stir until the egg is fully cooked.

While those ingredients are cooking I pop a corn tortilla (50 calories) into the microwave for 45 seconds to warm it up without overcooking and shrinking.

Finally I spoon all the cooked egg, vegetable and meat ingredients onto the tortilla and eat it like a taco.

This provides a large, filling breakfast with less than 200 calories, depending on the amount of protein (ham or turkey) you include.

For a little extra sizzle shake into the saute some crushed red pepper.

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