Warning: Are You Making This Mistake In Your Quest To Lose Abdominal Fat?

I had a friend, James, whose goal was to lose abdominal fat.

He wasn't a huge blubbery guy, but he did have his fair share of belly fat. And he was curious to see what lay beneath it. He wanted to know if there really was a manly set of ripped six pack abs underneath.

So - like the good friend I was - I encouraged him. I told him that all he had to do was exercise hard and his abs would be revealed for all to see.

After all, that's what worked for me!

So James and I started doing workouts twice a week in his garage. We would...

  • Shoot some hoops for a warmup
  • Do full body weight training using dumbbells and barbells.
  • Tell some rude jokes
  • Go for a run or cycle
  • Cool down with a game of foosball :)

It was perfect...Hard work mixed with lots of fun!

This routine carried on for about 2 years. Over that time, we both managed to put on a lot of muscle. Not just in our abs, but over our entire body. Our arms got bigger and our legs got stronger.

But what about James' goal? To lose abdominal fat...

Well...his spare-tyre didn't budge an inch. He was convinced he was in a death-grip by the so-called "stubborn belly fat".

I was baffled by this too. We had both sweated equally hard in that garage... and I had managed to lose body-fat. Why hadn't he?

So I began quizzing James on various things.

  • Diet
  • Snacks
  • Training on other days...

Finally he admitted to me, a little sheepishly, the number of bourbons he was drinking in the weekend. I was shocked! I knew James was a party animal but I had never expected this...

James was consuming an entire weeks worth of calories in the bourbons he drank on the weekends!

Everything suddenly became obvious. Despite his best efforts, there was no hope for his quest to lose abdominal fat.

What worked for me, would never work for him. He was consuming enough calories for 2 people each and every week!

James was missing an important piece of the puzzle. And he was mostly blind to it. Sure, he suspected the bourbons might have had some effect... but it never occured to him exactly how much.

That's what can happen when you don't have a lot of experience at training. It's not always easy to see where you're going wrong. Once James knew his problem he was able to make changes and see his fat levels drop quickly.

Such a simple solution!

If James had done some research he might have fixed his problem a lot sooner. He might have discovered...

  • The number of calories he should have been consuming to ensure consistent weekly fat loss.
  • The foods and drinks he should have avoided to make stubborn fat a thing of the past.

It makes you wonder...

Do you think that you might be missing something important? Something so crucial that it could be the key to unlocking those six pack abs? Something blaringly obvious to someone with experience?

If so, why not let the experts help you out? Mike Geary has produced a program called the truth about abs. It is one of the most simple, yet complete programs for getting rid of "stubborn belly fat" and exposing your 6 pack abs. It will ensure you don't miss anything when it comes to abs training.

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