Want to Lose Tummy Fat? Here's A Way That Doesn't Involve Long Boring Runs...

My sister, Lara had been telling me that she wanted to do an exercise program to lose tummy fat. She had been going hard at the gym for ages and had hit a plateau... So she wanted to try something different...

lose tummy fat
Lara says when she looses more
tummy fat - she'll drop the sarong!


I mentioned that I was doing a 12 week Truth About Abs Challenge...

Since starting the challenge a month earlier, I'd noticed improvements in my strength and muscle tone...

Not just in my abs, but all over my body.

Lara was interested and wanted to give one of the workouts a go. So we agreed that she'd come round on Saturday and we would workout together.

Saturday came and sure enough at 8.45 Lara tapped on my bedroom window...



I slipped out of my P.J's and into my workout gear. I was keen to lose tummy fat... and show Lara how to do it!

I was also stoked to have my sister keep me company during our workout... Training is so much more fun with good company!


The Number 1 Workout To Lose Belly Fat Fast!

Lara knew that the workouts I'd been doing to lose tummy fat weren't your everyday run of the mill workouts. I'd warned her that they were different.

The program I'd been using was based on an entirely different concept...

It DOESN'T suggest that:

  • You run for hour upon boring hour
  • You starve yourself
  • You do hundreds of crunches


The program does teach us that:

If you want to lose tummy fat then you're wasting your time doing hundreds of ab exercises...


Because you cannot solely reduce belly fat. You either lose fat all over your body, or not at all.

What Does This Mean?

This means that in order to burn belly fat, you need to burn fat from your entire body... And, crunches are usless for this!

What's The BEST Way To Lose Body Fat?

Ah-ha! This is where the ab program I was about to teach Lara was so different...

Without a smidgen of a doubt, the best type of training to reduce body fat is high intensity resisitance training. Training with weights... Training that is quick and powerful.

Yes, even for us girls. If you're getting a fat belly, training with weights can't be beaten.


What Did Lara Think Of The Workout?

During the workout Lara was obviously exhausted. She couldn't quite finish some of the exercises... But, like the trouper she is, she carried on.

By the time we were finished, Lara was sweating like crazy! But, despite this she was concerned she hadn't gone hard enough... Because she didn't get 'the burn' in her muscles...

I explained that these exercises are entirely different to your everyday high-rep low-intensity exercises. They aim at exhausting you in a short amount of time - which is best for building fat burning muscles. I told her not to worry about the burn...

Turns out that Lara had worked her muscles... Really, really well! I saw her the next day and she was walking like a robot... She was so stiff!

Lara was really excited about the workouts from the program and we're already arranging for her to come around again!

Looks like I might have a new workout buddy... Move over Tom! ;)


Want to see the results from my 12 Week Abs Challenge?

Over the past year, Tom and I have been travelling the world and living the good life (a little too much!) My abs have softened and all those thai curries are beginning to show!

So, over the next 12 weeks I'm doing a truth about abs challenge to get me looking sexier than ever. It's based on all the principles of fat tummy blasting that I believe in... and I'm confident I'll look great by the end of it...

To follow my challenge - and even set up your own challenge - click here.




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