My Honest Review Of The Muscle Gain Truth System

the muscle gain truth package

My rating: (5/5)

The muscle gain truth system is that huge combination of muscle building products you can see over to your right there...

I bought this product because I wanted to learn more about how to build muscle. I'm not really that into bodybuilding per se but you can't deny the bodybuilding crowd know a ton about muscle building.

After having read the entire system several times and tried the workout program, I can honestly say I am really happy with my purchase.

The muscle gain truth system has become something of a reference book that I go back to over and over again.

It's not a product that would suit everyone though. So lets take a look at who it's a good match for...


Who is this product suitable for?

The muscle gain truth system would suit people who want to get big and muscly. It contains a pretty typical bodybuilding approach to muscle gain where you bulk up by training hard and eating heaps and then "cut" down to get trim.

If you're someone who is willing to take your training and eating to the next level then this is for you. If not, then don't bother with this approach.

I would also suggest that the program is more for looking good rather than improving your athletic performance. It focuses on lifting weights to make you look huge rather than for helping you get stronger/faster/more powerful etc.

Don't get me wrong though, you will get much stronger. There's just slightly more emphasis on those show-off muscles.

Now lets take a look at what's actually in the program...


Product description

sean nalewanyj the author of the muscle gain truth no fail system
Sean Nalewanyj

What You Get: The Complete Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System by Sean Nalewanyj - the guy on your right

The Truth About Building Muscle 266-Page E-Book + 6 No-Fail Support Modules + 5 Free Bonus Items + Extra bonuses that aren't advertised on the sales page :)

No-Fail Support Modules:

1) 26-Week Workout Plan & Printable Logbook
2) Full Video Exercise Database
3) 12-Week Mass-Building Meal Plans
4) Online Video Lesson Series
5) 3-Month MGT Progress Tracker 6000 Membership
6) My Personal Trainer Software

Free Bonus Items:

Check out Sean's Website for more information on these 5 additional free bonus items.

Unadvertised Bonus Items: When you reach the download area for the muscle gain truth, there are 4 extra bonus e-books for you. But shhhh, don't tell anyone. There's a good one on smoothies for athletes.

Delivery: Instant download from website

Money Back Guarantee: 100% Unconditional 60 day Guarantee

Trial Offer: Test-drive the entire system for 21 days before paying for it. More on this later...


My Muscle Gain Truth System Review

First of all, the muscle gain truth is a massive package. But it's a real easy read. Sean does a great job of putting everything in laymans terms.

Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Muscle Building is another top muscle building program I have read. Both of these programs have got very similar information in them but I think that Sean's is more polished and easier to digest than Vince's program.

Sean recommends reading the main e-book the truth about muscle building first. It contains the heart of the information and it's where Sean explains why he recommends what he does. First of all, he kicks off with an explanation of the basics of muscle building...

Progression and intensity - Throughout the e-book he keeps referring back to these 2 basics and how to use them in practical terms.

For instance, Sean explains that the key to progression is tracking your workouts. This is a really practical thing you can do that almost guarantee's you will improve over time.

In my experience, this is so true.

It allows you to see what you were lifting last week and what you need to aim for this week. It's one of the most important muscle building tools on the planet.

The workout structure section was interesting and I learned some good stuff about how important leg and back training is. It is something I will never neglect again. This section cover's all the details of how to put your workouts together for maximum muscle mass.

Sean then goes onto muscle building nutrition. This is something that has always freaked me out a little bit about body builders.

My old rugby league coach - who was also a bodybuilder - used to drink raw egg whites and protein shakes every morning...


However Sean's approach was nothing like that. He recommends whole foods as much as possible over supplements like protein powder.

I did find the calories part of this section a little bit boring though. In my opinion it dragged on a bit much, with 3 different formula's for calculating your caloric requirement.

It didn't seem necesary so I ended up skipping through this part.

Next up was my favorite part of the truth about building muscle. The section on supplements. I enjoyed this for 2 reasons.

  1. Supplements are such a shady part of the fitness industry and my gut feel was that Sean was giving his honest opinion on them. He didn't promote any brands or supplements and in fact his attitude is that they are convenient but not 100% necesary.
  2. Sean goes into detail about how each of the supplements works which I found really interesting.

The critical feeding times section was great. It had lots of specific's on what to eat/drink and when to eat/drink it.

I wasn't that impressed with the muscle building myths section. Anyone with some decent exercise experience would probably know this stuff.

The myths remind me of what I used to think when I was a teenager training for the first time.

But I suppose if you're an absolute beginner they would be helpful.

Sean then goes on to explain about rest and recovery - probably one of the most misunderstood parts of the muscle building process. This section was great and had lots of practical advice about how to improve your recovery process.


The Workouts and Meal Plans and Other Bonuses

Firstly just let me say the workout and meal plans are awesome overall. They are as easy as following a recipe, just do what it says and you'll get there.

However, I was a little bit confused about the included workout program. Sean talks about how compound movements should be the bread and butter of any muscle building program.

And they are...

...but I was surprised at the number of isolation exercises in there.

Once I listened to the online video lesson series though, there was a bit more explanation which cleared things up for me.

There are 9 different nutrition plans depending on what you worked out your calorie intake should be.

These plans are surprisingly detailed.

There's a full 12 weeks of meals planned out including shopping lists for each week.

When I first started doing Sean's program I had arthritis in my knee. It was too sore to train with but inside one of the bonus products there was a range of programs for injuries.

I was really excited to find it there so I didn't have to re-work all of his programs by myself.

People who train at home, like you and me, need not be neglected either. The same bonus product contains a program for people without much equipment. At a minimum he recommends a...

  • Squat rack
  • Bench press
  • Pull up bar
  • Barbell
  • Adjustable dumbells.



Overall I was really happy with the muscle gain truth. There is a lot of great information there in a really easy to use format. The workout and nutrition programs are easy to use and very detailed.

The principles of Sean's program are rock solid and this is a resource I continually refer back to. If you want to learn how to build muscle mass then I would be happy to recommend you check out this program.

Learn more about Sean's muscle building program here...

P.S. Continue reading below to learn how to get the muscle gain truth for $1



Tip: How To Get The Muscle Gain Truth System For $1

If you'd like to try out the muscle gain truth program for $1 there's a way you can do it.. Of course, you will have to pay for the rest later, but if you don't have the money right now it's a good way to get your hands on the program right away.

To get the program for $1 do this...

  • Go to the sales video.
  • Close the browser window/tab
  • It will ask you to confirm you want to close the page like below

close the muscle gain truth window

  • Click stay on page and you will be redirected to an offer where you can pick up the system for $1
  • Enjoy! :)




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